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As Geralt's story has been pretty much finalised, I think that CDPR has an opportunity to do what they've done withe Cyberpunk 2077: use a preexisting universe and it's lore and essentially give the players a blank slate of a character to explore the setting with, perhaps during a different era to one previously looked into. So here's a few ideas of my own based on that:

At the beginning of the Second Era of Witchers, also known within the five different schools as the Golden Age, we follow an unknown noble woman with a baby boy in her arms, in a carriage going towards no clear destination. She talks to the baby about the land they roam: the Continent. She talks of how monsters are found far and wide, especially in cities, and, most especially, in these cities’ armies. She tells him of the only people who are strong enough to resist these monsters: the Witchers. She looks at the baby in the eyes, deeply, before deciding which school is best suited to him; this is the first choice the player makes – in a similar fashion to the choice that Cyberpunk 2077 presents offering the choices of Street Kid, Corporatists, and Nomad. Once the choice is made, she shouts to the driver the corresponding choice, and he sets them on their journey. She whispers to the baby, “Adam, of the school of .”

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Time jumps twenty-to-thirty years later, and our Witcher is trained up, and we customise him as he is called for morning drills. As walk the castle grounds, our character begins to realise that it isn’t any standard training day; this is his initiation. After the initiation, the rest of our game follows him across the Continent, as he takes on the abundance of contracts, monster-related and otherwise. He also begins to uncover his origins, as well as the politics around the noble woman’s choice to leave him at a Witcher school.

Love to hear your guys' thoughts, as well as where you think they'd go with the series if you have any different ideas!


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