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u/Ultimate_life_Form__ poetry is the world’s finest

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After around a month of living with Geralt and slaughtering monsters, Ciri eventually got tired of the fact that most of the time her adopted father always took the lead and she pretty much didn't get to participate in most of the contracts. Instead most of the time, she watched him in the background and would swing her sword every once in a while when the monsters got too near to her. Which is why she decided to make a bet with him. If she wins a game of gwent, th next contract is hers, but if she loses, Geralt can make her do anything he wants her to do. And, as expected, with her low amount of skill and her shitty monsters deck, she lost, so now he could let the fun begin.

– Take off your clothes – said the witcher

– Wait, so you're trying to tell me your goal all along was to bone me? – Ciri asked

– I told you, if I won, you have to do anything for me and can't resist, so get your ass to work – Geralt replied.

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But sadly, before she could say anything, Geralt's mighty hand bent her over and she moaned harder than ever before.

– I'm sorry, daddy, I shouldn't have messed with your northern realms deck, please stop-

– Get used to it, we were made for each other

At first, the ashen haired child was against the idea of getting banged by her adopted father, but over time they both agreed that they were gonna do it more often.

– Oh yes, don't stop, Geralt

– That's enough, now get down on your knees

Geralt then gave her a taste of his white wolf liquid, but sadly, her asshole could only take a short break, for her father wasn't about to stop. They banged for an hour or two, and they both wanted each other more with every drop of white wolf white that he could pump inside of her.

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– Now I'll use a special item from the previous game – said the witcher with a slightly hesitant voice

He then proceeded to drink the 2 alchemist's option from the witcher 2 and decided that from now on, they'll be more than just a father and daughter. As a matter of fact, since they enjoyed banging so much, they became the perfect soulmates the next day with the additional responsibility of raising and training a child. Source in the comments


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