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Usual “found this on Steam Sale” beginner post.

Content of the article: "Usual “found this on Steam Sale” beginner post."

I bought this game last week(?) as part of the Steam Sale.

It came out five years ago – why the hell have I only just found this? I love it.

I could go on about the graphics – how amazing it all looks even after five years.

I could say the world itself is beautiful, with something to do, some new place to explore, literally every few hundred yards.

But the thing that makes this game stand out for me is the immersion in the people's lives.

For me, normally, quests etc in a game are strictly there for gear. Go here, kill X, speak to Y, get reward. I don't care where or who or what, it's just something to do to get better gear. I usually couldn't tell you WHY I'm doing something, just that it's necessary for the story (or gear).

At some point very early on in Witcher 3 I was doing a side quest (maybe the Devil by the Well?) realised I'd spent maybe ten minutes listening to dialogue. Not looting, not killing, just listening to people telling their life stories. Watching details emerge that cast a different light on the task in hand.

I can't imagine playing a game where a one hour side quest has forty five minutes of talking – much less actually enjoy it – but here I am.

Amazing. I'm only level 12 so I know there's still a long way to go, and it's possibly fatigue could set in, but right now I'm absolutely loving every interaction. I'm loving just looking out over the land from the top of a hill, watching the sunrise and seeing how the shadows change.

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It's kinda spoiled Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for me, which I bought at the same time (after having played it when it first came out) 😛

Also the Sisters are creepy as hell, especially the Brewess? Why the hell does she have a whicker basket over her face? What's behind it? Truly creepy and very dreamlike, like a fragment of a distant dream you remember having as a child.

Great stuff.


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