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Very late to the party, but… Y’know how in Witcher 3 the Skellige deck kinda sucks? Well yes, actually no.

Content of the article: "Very late to the party, but… Y’know how in Witcher 3 the Skellige deck kinda sucks? Well yes, actually no."

This is a detailed explaination of the best SK deck you can make, and one of the best deck in the game altogether. If you want to win that tournament, this is your best bet.
Crach an Crate leader

3 Decoy
Yennefer (Medic)
Avallac'h (Spi)
Villentretenmerth (Scorch)
Olgierd (Buff)
Gaunter (Muster)
3 Gaunter: Darkness (Muster)
Olaf (Buff)
Cerys (Muster)
3 An Crate Warrior (Bond)
3 Light Longship (Muster)
3 Drummond Shield Maiden (Bond)
Birna Bran (Medic)

Your leader and special ability are the bread and butter of the deck. You want to ONLY mulligan duplicates of Gauter: Darkness and Longship and if you don't have any after your first mulligan, then don't use the second one, because you might draw more. It's not terrible to have a Shield Maiden or two, either, but you also might want to mulligan them if you have the chance (aka no duplicate Muster cards to start with). For round 1 you want to start off with either a Longship or a Darkness no matter what. If they get Scorched, that's fine, if you have Avallac'h, use him later, so you don't draw a duplicate. If you have Cerys, make sure to play all your Maidens in round 1. Feel free to use Geralt or Ciri, becuase winning round 1 is optimal. You are most likely winning as is, but if you get overwhelmed just pass and go for a short round 2. If you have a Decoy it is very important to pick up one Longship or Darkness (if you don't have Gaunter the G in hand) otherwise save any Decoy for Birna, Villen or if your opponent plays Spies. Now, round 2 is very important. If you have anything you want to Medic out, make sure to do that first, cause as soon as possible you should be using your leader to reshuffle all the Muster cards back in your deck, so you can use them in round 3 OR if you're losing you can use them right after. As long as you have one of them in your hand, you're golden. If you won round 1, you should only play 2 cards, preferably 2 An Crate Warriors, so you know what cards you're getting from your special ability. Olaf and Olgierd work, too, but you can't control the row they'll end up reviving on. Then just pass, go to round 3 with two free cards from your grave that you just set up and KNOW you'll get, a potential three different Muster groups, one of which is an instant 46 point'os – Cerys, if you draw her (which you should probably use last) and two big boys with buffs that can go to either row. Optimal starting hand is Decoy, Gaunter The G, 1 Gaunter: Darkness, 1 Light Longship, Cerys, 2 An Crate Warriors and whatever else. It's a very high skill cap deck, it will take practice to get down, but it's probably the best and most consistent deck in the game, definitely on the same level as Spies/Melee row Nilfgaard and Spies/ Siege row NR. This is the bare minimum list, but it's better for drawing the cards you need. That being said, you can throw in a Champion's Horn or a Clear Weather in there, too. I've probably lost a couple of games out of 100 with this deck on Hard Mode. Hope this helps someone or reinpires them to play some old school Gwent.

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