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W4 pitch – Witcher : The Beginning

Disclaimer – I'm only halfway through W3, never played 1 & 2, and only read the first book, so I am not steeped in Witcher or Continent lore and history…

Complete (and distant) prequel to the three games so far, exploring the immediate (say, 100 years later) aftermath of the Conjunction of the Spheres. Similarly to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games, this allows for enough familiar concepts to draw previous players in, but requires no former knowledge or familiarity.

The manifestation of myriad new creatures trapped on the Continent, and the advent of magic, makes the world a tumultuous one. The natural order is disrupted, and the world as it was is not equipped to deal with Chaos.

A group of early mages, the rare individuals able to harness and channel the Chaos into magic, have found to their cost that magic alone is not enough tame the world, nor is the physical might of armies. Instead a hybrid is called for, those who walk the line between the channelled chaos of magic, and the precise cut of the blade.

Thus the first Witcher comes, perhaps a rogue warrior who seeks to harness some of the crudest magics of mages, the early and risky experimentation of alchemists, the martial prowess of warriors, and the old lore of village herbalists.

The game could start as a simple warrior – ideally with some character customisation (taking some inspiration from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy), and the individual discovers and unlocks how to harness these different elements of what we would come to recognise as the hybrid jack-of-all-trades that is a Witcher.

Some of the early historical names we know could be met, alliances forged, nations created. Early versions of monsters and other creatures encountered, and knowledge of them added to fledgling herbal and alchemical lore, as well as fighting styles. Inevitably, the Trial of the Grasses would be created as a way to accelerate the process that our protagonist takes the whole game to develop.

Culminating in the establishment of the first Witcher School(s) as our protagonist finds like-minded individual along the way, and agrees to teach them while they bring their own nuance to his/her ways to explain the differences between the schools.

Perhaps some inter-Sphere travel through the final rifts between worlds, which need to be closed before creatures worse than Dragons, Vampires and Ghouls can cross over…

Some prophecy could be thrown in to help link to the later games/material, but with 1,000-1,300 years of history between the settings, there's enough gap to make them independent.

Personally, I would play this game!


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