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Why I dislike the Nitcher Netflix in 4 points

Content of the article: "Why I dislike the Nitcher Netflix in 4 points"

  1. They butchered the story

  2. They butchered characters

  3. The presentation is lame

  4. Small yet relevant details are changed for no real reason

  1. The story of the witcher is quite simple if you were just to take the key points of the books and make them into a show. A trained monster killer who is supposed to have no emotion develops emotional bonds with friends, a lover, and an adoptive daughter, all whilst the magical world seems to work against them. The books give abundant time and detail towards the strength of the bonds of these characters, and the reasons that they like and trust each other, such as how Geralt saved Ciri in the woods as a child without even realising she was his child of surprise, and how his regret for leaving her manifests after her home is ransacked and she was left traumatised. In the show though, he and her never met before Cintra was ransacked, so there’s no connection that’s being built on, just being initiated, and it makes the hug scene feel a lot hollower than when they reunite in the books

  2. The characters were very distinct, and did not need to be changed, yet the show made massive changes. I won’t try and list all of them, but the two worst would have to be Geralt and Yennefer. Geralt has has turned from a dry witted smart mouth to a mute who swears lots and for some reason physically harms his friends. Yennefer was turned into a rapist (when she bewitches an entire town into a non-consensual orgy), and is also seen dealing drugs to children for no reason. There’s also a lot of instances of characters being reduced to very basic exposition, or being a lot more evil than they originally were (Calanthe in particular). Surely they could have spent the time they used on Yennefer’s story to properly flesh out side characters, rather than simply removing the mystique of this powerful sorceress

  3. The camerawork, the lighting (especially in Brokilon), the lines, the music, the character chemistry. Everything is just presented with an air of nobody seeming to care that much (aside from the props designers). The books provide a perfect script and setting, yet in order to be unique for some reason they decided to make it all lame, modern and edgy

  4. When I say small details I mean stuff such as Dandelion being called Jaskier, Europeans being black (and yes they are Europeans, I’ll explain), how Geralt became the butcher of Blaviken, and the way magic works. The reason Dandelion’s name was translated to Dandelion, while names such as Geralt and Yennefer were not, is because Dandelion/Jaskier is a stage name, not his actual name. Jaskier is a type of Polish flower, and this is obviously not clear to English readers, so they changed it to Dandelion. De-translating it will just make his story more confusing in the long run. In the books it’s always fairly obvious that it’s not his real name, and the suspense is fun because we don’t ever know if we’ll learn his real name. The reason I think it’s weird that they made a significant portion of the population black in the witcher is because it’s either pretending racism doesn’t exist, or it is itself racist. I think it’s the first, but let me explain some witcher lore. Humans are not natives to the planet, they came from our world during the conjunction of the spheres, just like vampires from their world. Since they are from our world, a lot of the culture is descended from real european earth culture, and to act as though having half of the population be black wouldn’t result in any preservation of african culture, and instead complete assimilation into european culture, is very strange to me. It doesn’t ruin the show or anything, it just comes off as racist if you think about the lore implications. In terms of Geralt becoming known as a horrible butcher, and banned from ever returning to Blaviken, this seems like far too harsh of a punishment for self-defence. In the show he is attacked, and defends himself. In the book, he attacks bandits who are dressed as regular townsfolk, who are about to ambush the rest of the town during a market day. Changing the context like this really lessens the impact of how scary Geralt must be to some, and instead just makes the townsfolk seem like hateful morons. Magic was also changed in a ridiculous way. In the books magic can be drawn from anything with energy, or chaos, such as a fire, a river, an earthquake, or even just the mind, but in the show it’s an exchange for life, and it’s a stupid one. Why on earth would a mage sacrifice their life to make a single fireball that can easily be deflected by another mage. And why did certain people get turned into eels. There’s no reasoning, and in attempting to explain magic they just make it seem dumb. Overall that’s just the whole vibe I get from the show

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