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Why the hell do people want to play as Ciri in the next Witcher ?

I clearly don't understand the appeal of this character. First, she's incredibly boring, she's just so strong has has so many different magic abilities that there is no difficulty at all to deal with average monsters (and even the strong ones) with her. She can teleport, even travel between worlds, send powerful shockwaves around here when she's angry… The life of a witcher is supposed to be extremely dangerous and any monster is a threat but for her, even a dragon wouldn't be that much. This is the most boring character ever.

Plus, she's not even a real witcher and has no mutation, so playing with her means no potions, no Signs, no witcher sense…

Playing with Ciri also means playing after The Witcher 3, in an era where witchers are almost extinct and monsters start to disappearing again (their population had grown a bit with the war but now that there is peace in the north, the monsters will disappear again). Not only would we play the most boring character but we would play here during the most boring time.

I don't understand why people would want to play a sequel of TW3 with Ciri (litterally the worst choice) while we could explore the past of the world of The Witcher, during the witchers golden age, when every School had dozens and dozens of witchers wandering the Continent, that many monsters now extinct were still extremely active, while we could meet young Geralt, Eskel, Lambert and Letho starting their witcher career, a younger Vesemir as an instructor in Kaer Morhen… A game in which we could create our own witcher and visit new places we've never seen (such as Zerrikania, Haakland, Vicovaro, etc…).

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Seriously, someone explain to me the appeal of Ciri please.


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