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Witcher 3 – Best mods for Challenge & Immersion 2021

Do you want to make Geralt so baddass you'll be frowning at any puny fiend or army of stinking drowners and cramping the area with corpses anytime you dismount?
Then, just play the game. This target is in fact inevitable regardless of difficulty setting. If not, google "TW3 best mods 2021" and you'll find what you need there. Then, you can stop reading this guide; you'll probably find it Not interesting.

do you hate it when starting at 15lvl nothing can get in your way and you break no sweat whatsoever on whatever the game throws at you resulting in losing interest as soon as lvl20? Dislike it when you can anyway beat anyone regardless of if wearing feline, ursine, undvik or nothing at all, drinking potions, decoctions or beer and using oils, bombs or forgot you ever had them?

I am. Therefore this guide, with the mods I found rectified the issues above and made TW3 seriously & consistently challenging – but not grindy – as well as immersive & interesting up to the last Toussaint moment. I hope it will be helpful to like-minded gamers.

Necessary tools:
Yes sure, you'll get TW3MM or NMM, Script merger, Community patches, Nitpicket or Besserwiser fixes. Just follow the "necessary tools" and "Patches" short guides by wghost81 HERE since, anyway, the first mod I recommend is:

Ghost mode.
Significantly rebalances combat (Geralt & enemy), skills, alchemy, potions & decoctions stats, signs, gear stats & set bonuses, economy, XP, scaling and a bunch of aspects I forget.
Difference between light and heavy armor become as is day and night. Every potion, decoction, oil or bomb becomes important as if your life depended on it. Armor & weapons, witcher gear, or relics looted or been gifted provide realy tough choises you have to make to create the playstyle you want.
Most important aspect of the mod (personally): Progressive Enemy Scaling. Ingenius but simple system makes enemies to start getting tougher gradually from lvl10 onwards. Now you HAVE to chose gear and skills that work in synergy or you're dead meat. No more Mr. CantTouchMe.

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Stamina becomes myprecious as it drains at any combat action or sign and if depleted you're sitting duck unable to click a fast hit. In addition, enemies behave differently, ferociously, attacking in unison. You can beat a Fiend with preparation, but you'll probably die if cornered by 4 nekkers. Oh I hate nekkers.

Battle tactics now are really a thing. Necessarily Read.The.Bestiary! but also: "Dont.Ever.Get.Surounded", or "Split'em" or (so important): Sun Tzu Art of war: YOU chose the battlefield and draw the enemy in. Terrain features, cots, rocks, trees between you and the bloody edregas can now give serious tactical advantage.

Expect many battles in witch you die 1-2 times and say "no, that's impossible!". Hint: It isn't. Its not the damage or gear, its the tactics. Think again.

Tons of configurable options.

Enhanced Targeting
Get control of how you autolock targets based on movement, camera direction, enemy proximity and "target lock stickiness". In a few words, you make target choises and combat movements to work consistently as you chose to and then gain some skill in it. Vanilla behavior is arbitrary and really unreliable.

Preparations and Friendly Meditation
Massively add immersion and moderately challenge. Find or build a fire and meditate to replenish alchemy, add mutagens or repair gear. All configurable. If you want you can make it hellishly hard to find material for replenishment; if not, you can go full vanilla and replenish stuff automatically.

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Friendly Stash and Sort Everything
Immersion and QoL. Have Roach as your stash location and full access to stash when in armorers, smiths, alchemists if Roach is nearby. Sort everything because, come-on, how can you do without it? All configurable.

Friendly HUD with All Quest Objectives on Map and Color Markers.
Quality of life. No introductions I think required. Can't remember how TW3 looked without them.

Thats all.

Sure, you'll like more mods, appearances and graphics, QoL changes and tweaks as I do. But the ones above are what I think the basics for an immersive and challenging playthrough; nothing is necessarily required further, so I will recommend no other so you can add anything else you fancy.

In terms of compatibility issues I will name some more mods I use that merge nicely with the above:

From TW3 Gameplay Tweaks I use Gallop.In.Cities, NoSlowMoOnKill, Jump/Sprint.Anywhere, NoWitcherSensesZoom. All the rest of tweaks work flawlessly though. I use Fera's Roach and Horse Overhaul, Sword Effects Customizer (to remove the disco pink neon lights from swords), and New Hairstyles and Beards for Geralt (beware, clipping at long beards)
Any Graphics and/or Lighting overhauls should be OK – no graphics altered by mods above.

Good hunting.



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