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Witcher 3 Endings question, how much do dialog choices matter? Also discussion…

Content of the article: "Witcher 3 Endings question, how much do dialog choices matter? Also discussion…"

Hi all,

TL;DR: how much do dialog choices really matter? Some things seem inconsistent.

Sorry for the length of this. I finally made it through the 3rd witcher game (after buying it 5 years ago on steam and not making it too much past the first griffin fight until 5 years later). I know I'm years late to this discussion!

Anyways, I played through without looking ahead and ended up with the ending where Ciri becomes a witcher. I didn't take her to her bio dad because yikes. And I picked Triss. I was at first so sad because I thought she died but phew! Once he started getting a sword and you couldn't equip it I was hopeful that meant I was giving it to her! And sure enough there she was at the inn.

I was just curious about the other endings since it seemed like there might be, and how much dialog choices matter though. I decided to search and happened upon a number of different websites with slightly different takes on what you have to do and what the other endings were.

First of all I find it curious that some people consider the best ending to be her becoming an empress. Doesn't strike me as the best ending for ciri? So much of your conversations with her are about her wanting to be free and choose her own destiny. I'd think the witcher ending was the best in that regard? Do the dialog choices in responding to that affect the outcome? I'm reasonably sure I always said she had to choose her destiny.

Anyways, moving on. One article I read was a kotaku article where he said he accidentally got the bad ending. What struck me is that most of his choices were the same one's I made. So why did I get a better ending? The only thing I think I did differently was have a snowball fight. I understand that there are a few critical choices and you need more positive than negative.

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So for me:

1) I didn't want her to destroy the lab (which apparently is a negative? I imagined that would be a positive…that you advise her to control her emotions, and there may be more to things. hell there were. He turns out to want her to stop the White Frost despite the nastly she-elf. But at the same time chose to say that I didn't trust him? Don't know if that countered things? Does that have any impact?)

2) I did go with her into the sorceress meeting which apparently is a negative? (However In that meeting I chose things like "ciri has to decide for herself and "I'm just a fly on the wall". It almost seemed like she asked me to go with her. What I don't know is that do these dialog choices counter act the negative of going with her in the first place?

3) I did have the snowball fight. Though didn't know I was going to have a snowball fight? Does it matter if you win or lose the fight? I'd imagine just like real life, much more important that you're spending time with them, than who wins/loses (unless you Billy Madison her face with it?) I won because the game was glitchy and she stopped throwing snowballs for what it's worth

4) I did accompany her to bury Skjall and picked the obvious choices for dialog.

5) I did go to kill Ehrmine and she killed the Crone's (and didn't take her to her dad).

But my understanding is that this should probably have triggered the bad ending? However it ended well. She had a memory of the snowball fight and skjarll burial when going into the white frost.

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Do the other dialog choices matter though?

I figured if it's about boosting Ciri's confidence than SURELY the last sequence would be massively important. I had picked the time – dependent choice to wish her luck before going in the portal. But there were other options like , Ciri-I forbid you… as well as a dialog before that where you can question it as nonsense (the first time I picked "ciri you don't have to make this sacrifice"

It's clear that having faith/confidence in Ciri is important to her surviving the White Frost. Having read the Kotaku article I went back to the last scene just out of curiosity and selected both "this is nonesense" and "Ciri – I forbid" which if anything should be a lot more demoralizing than missing a snowball fight to her confidence, but still got the Witcher ending. I feel like this doesn't quite make sense…Shouldn't that last split second dialog be important? I would have had to have been on the border already given my previous choices. So the fact that it didn't lead to the bad ending doesn't quite make sense.

Finally, The ciri is a witcher ending I don't feel is totally consistent. Why would Geralt go to Ehmyr at the end? And why would he spare me? I already had a conversation with him during the battle about how I was probably going to be killed once I was "dispensable". Wouldn't I have been dispensable? Especially telling him his daughter is dead (even though she wasn't). Hell the second time around I even picked to be further insolent and say mean things like "she said you were a bad father" Why wouldn't he have killed me? (I didn't even have the decency to bow at the beginning of the game).

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Anyways, I'm still trying to figure out the ending system. Does anyone know how much those other dialog choices impact the endings? Or is it just that you need 2 "positives" (even though Id still argue letting her wreck the lab is not a positive) for her to survive?


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