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Witcher 3 is missing a major gameplay feature: Stealth

Content of the article: "Witcher 3 is missing a major gameplay feature: Stealth"

So I just began my playthrough of Witcher 3 for the first time on Blood and Broken Bones difficulty. I've got to say this game is not what I expected, it is went above and beyond expectations and I am more than satisfied with this game.

Though the more I play the more I realize just how big CDPR missed out on a full-on stealth mechanic. It would entirely change the game is played, giving encounters more replayability and different ways to tackle them. It'd naturally give Witcher Senses additional use in-game as well.

Some ideals in a system such as this would be a sort of "detection meter" Geralt cannot be seen by an enemy for too long or this bar will skyrocket entering the regular combat mode that's already ingame. Geralt in this mode can get the drop on enemies and deal additional damage or one shot them (already in game), or maybe allow Geralt to use finishers on opponents while in stealth mode.

Crouch Button, the circle button would be reutilized as a crouching mechanic that allows Geralt to be right behind an enemy without them noticing him and allowing Geralt to remain unseen if standing in some sort of foliage.

Foliage, foliage could be utilized to allow Geralt to hide in them, as well as stealth kill human enemies assassin's creed style whilst in them.

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Crossbows, I imagine crossbows naturally would have a place in a system like this. Similarly to how swimming Drowners react to the crossbow, human enemies will be one shot by the crossbow while in stealth mode, but can alert enemies if you use it near one.

Hunting, I'm not sure if the game has hunting already. I've heard people talk about it but I haven't been able to crossbow or slash any rabbits or deer. So hunting could be implemented with a system like this allowing the player an easier source of food for health and crafting components.

High Level Enemies. We've all had that one experience (or more in my case) where we think we're the shit and try to take on a higher level enemy. Instead of applying oils, using bombs, drinking potions, and mashing the attack buttons, stealth could provide a chance for the player to cause massive damage to higher level monsters. Maybe Geralt could set up traps of some sort in a way that would benefit once you enter combat mode, or allow Geralt to douse the monster in a special oil knocking off a good chunk of health before entering into combat mode.

Just some ideas and thoughts I had. What do you guys think?

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