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Witcher 3 Ultimate Gwent Savepoint

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How ‘bout a round of Gwent? How ‘bout 23 uninterrupted Gwent matches against unique players with unique rewards?


On my second playthrough I decided to give this Gwent thing a fair shake, and immediately got hooked. I hated the idea of running out of meaningful Gwent matches to play, so decided to create the “Ultimate Gwent Savepoint” for the base game. Something I could always come back to and be able to play as much Gwent as I could handle. Warning – minor spoilers below on some quests and characters.

  • Gwent: Playing Innkeeps – already played Stepjan and Olivier (must do before Now or Never side quest) but wait on the last player – 1 match
  • Gwent: Velen Players – already played the Bloody Baron (must do before Return to Crookback Bog) but wait on the other three players – 3 matches
  • Gwent: Big City Players – ready but not started – 4 matches
  • Gwent: Old Pals – ready but not started – 4 matches
  • Gwent: Skellige Style – ready but not started – 5 matches
  • Nilfgaardian Nobleman in Vizima – not played yet – 1 match
  • A Dangerous Game side quest – complete to the point of saving Ravik (if you do the other objectives first you will already have the Fringilla and Faoiltiarna cards in your deck available to use) – 1 match
  • High Stakes – ready but not started – 4 matches
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A little more detail on the necessary setup:

  • Main questline progressed through Echoes of the Past – must get to this point to open Ermion for Gwent: Skellige Style
  • Novigrad Triss/Dijkstra side questlines complete – must complete through A Deadly Plot to open Thaler for Gwent: Old Pals / Gwent: Playing Thaler
  • Following the Thread side quest – progressed to the point of talking to Lambert at the Nowhere Inn
  • Practicum in Advanced Alchemy side quest – complete to open Gremist for Gwent: Skellige Style
  • Shock Therapy side quest – complete to gain a good card


Once you get there, make a dedicated save that you can always come back to. Then you can come back and play through however you want, whenever you want!


As a sidenote for anyone who gets totally obsessed, Sasha in the High Stakes tournament is by far the toughest opponent in the game. I beat her once before completing all the other Gwent quests, but I’m planning to go back and make a special save immediately before that match with an otherwise complete card collection so I can try different decks and strategies anytime. Just for the challenge.


Mmhmm… smirking nod


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