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Witcher 4 and Law of Surprise

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With all the posts about what we want in the Witcher 4, this occurred to me while playing last night and I don't think I've seen it discussed. In TW4, I would like to see the Law of Surprise implemented in dialogue choices. In TW3, there are several quests in which the person cannot pay at the end or asks if they can pay you after a certain amount of time has passed. Since CDPR is so good at branching consequences, I can see this being an interesting mechanic. Imagine saving someone or killing a monster and then every so often the Law of Surprise shows up as an option and sometime later, you get a prompt to return to the quest giver. You might find out that you've earned a crop of potatoes or tons of pelts and it seems like you've lost out on a contract but later a village needs food and you can sell what you received for more than the contract was worth . Or maybe you just lose out on the reward so the gamble is real (in true CDPR form). It would also provide another way to get unique weapons. You might save a knight and the knight might discover upon returning home that someone has died and he inherited a relic weapon which he then gives you. To keep it interesting, the Law of Surprise reward would have to be a random drop though. On one play, the knight gives you a relic sword. On another, you get something else entirely. Although it wouldn't really benefit the play through, you could even get children for the witcher school that way and the school could maybe reward you with access to witcher diagrams or special weapons or armor from the their stockpile.

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