The Witcher

Witcher 4 or Witcher-A New Beginning

Everyone is arguing over what Withcer 4 will be about but if we look the details we can assume a few things.

A night to remember states someone paid Geralt for the death of the bruxa.
The story is after blood and wine and years have passed perhaps.
There are 2 possibilties how this could have occured.
The first is that one of her "victims" grow up and realised what se done to them because they are not as healthy or mutated somehow because no one knows this secret beyond the kids and other vampires.
Second is a war against vampires or just how humanity purged the elves they now doing the same with vampires after the attack that Dettlaf orchestrated and someone realised she is one of them. While we are still around the gate opened the their worlds and they are everywhere and some of them not as good person as others.

Gaunter O'Dimm is another figure who has the power, presence and charisma to be in the next witcher game in a more porminent way, not as the main boss but as a main support or an enemy we just can't ged rid of. It would depend on what happened between him and you ( I sacrificed Olgierd, he was a ********* person at best). He had sworn to return if we beat him while he is still around if we choose his side.

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Removing Geralt from the Witcher at the peak of his popularity would be a waste.
There is a much bigger chance that we end up in an origin story of Geralt game rather than having a new lead. Most of the players are not fond of Ciri as far as I can tell but the developers still able to explore her story if we get a continuation to the wither.
They said it won't be a witcher 4 but at this point no one knows what they will create. Perhaps it will be a titular difference but still a continuation or not.
God of War developers said the original weapon of Kratos, the Blades of Chaos or any version of it, will not return in game and get rid of it yet it was a main factor in it so it proved to be a lie for the players which can happen here too.

One could only hope that we will know much more about the game in a year.


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