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Hello guys i wnat to show you my concept of Witcher's 4 story. And sry for my english i wish u will understand.

Action time: Action would start after ending of witcher 2

Place of action: Continent (in prologue), Ofir and Zangwebar

We play the role of a witcher from a school of viper who was cheated on order by Nilfgard general or a magnate, and killed him, then we come to Emhyr who accuses him of sabotage or something like this and gives the main character a death sentence, but secretly reveals to him a plan that his death would be faked and will be sent to the Ofir in order to contact the intelligence unit, after the hearing about them was lost, on the spot it turns out that it wasn't an intelligence unit but other witchers of vipers school who allegedly died some times earlier, during the investigation it turns out that his twin brother is among the killed and that the purpose of the expedition of these witchers was first to collect information about the Ofir, and after the victory of the Nilfgard in third war, they had to do the same as Letho in the north, that is to kill the rulers and cause chaos so that the Nilfgard could invade them. And the main character wants to find out who killed them, during the story we would get know about two other witcher schools (tiger and cobras, both schools do not like each other) and learn from them that the witchers are treated as heroes are rich and rulers they often hire them as commanders or warriors, and we reveal to them the reason for our visit, they state that he did not know anything about anything and he is not guilty, but the man who betrayed did not act honorably and honor is important in the Ofri, so both schools promise to help him in finding and killing a traitor AND THIS IS A KEY CHOICE IN THE GAME WHICH THE SCHOOL TO CHOOSE AS HELP, of course, during the adventure, we weave ourselves into larger or smaller political nuances and one of the biggest will be the second plot and it will be based on a plot to overthrow the current monarchy in in the largest kingdom, of course, the player will get a choice whether to kill the ruler or the rebel commander, in the meantime the main character meets Jassmine (love plot). The most important things too is gear, we can find the tiger, cobra and viper schools (but adapted to Ofirs cilmate).

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Some new things:

  1. Bow – replaces crossbows; at the beginning we have 3 arrows during character development, you can unlock 9 arrows, e.g. an arrow with a rope – you can bring down a flying monster or a fleeing opponent / target, an arrow with a bait – depending on its power, it lures stronger or more monsters, an arrow with a firecracker – hitting the target will explode; It can NOT replace a normal weapon, although it deals more damage than the crossbow in the witin 3.
  2. Choice of a mount – you can replace a standard horse with a zebra or a camel, each animal has its own strengths and weaknesses, e.g. a horse – it can gallop longer than other mounts, it is faster than other mounts, zebra – it is more agile, in savannah it increases the player's detection threshold on its backs by a monster or an animal, a camel – it moves on the sand faster than other mounts, it can spit at the opponent, blinding him for a few seconds.
  3. New mutation / new sign – a fictional mutation / sign that allows you to control one of the 4 elements; water – an element focusing on healing and strengthening the hero, earth – an element focusing on defense, e.g. blocking the monster's gray, creates temporary armor around the player, blocking some effects and weakens others, air (ard on steroids) – the element focusing on "facilitating" the fight against groups of opponents, for example, it can create a mini tornado that for a moment will separate one opponent from the rest, fire (agony on steroids) – an element focusing on dealing damage and "annihilating" opponents.
  4. Fighting style – depends on the chosen weapons, ie you can choose between standard sabers and double short swords; swords are characterized by greater range and damage, and daggers are faster and you can perform the so-called death jump – jump on the opponent or knock him down and be able to deal several blows with daggers for a few seconds.
  5. New type of orders – combat orders are orders that would be delivered to the hero by messengers in cities; take the form of small or large battles; some orders would be at least closely related to the plot and the situation in the victim, thus having a greater or lesser impact on the plot.
  6. Other forms of earnings – some rewards would strictly follow the way in which knowledge is treated as sacrifice, these rewards would be social centers such as a brothel, brewery, bar, casino, battle arena; they could all be developed like vineyards in Blood and Wine.
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Let me know what do you think, what would you add, change or delte, if u like my concept u can help me to convince CDP pls sign this petition ( ). And one more time sry for my english.


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