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Witcher Netflix vs books, bearing in mind time constraints?

Content of the article: "Witcher Netflix vs books, bearing in mind time constraints?"

So I decided, after previously selling it soon after pre-ordering back in 2015 due to it not being the ‘Skyrim 2’ that 11-year-old me wanted, that it was time to try The Witcher 3 once again over lockdown. Fast forward almost a year and I’ve played through it 3 times, got the platinum trophy etcetera etcetera it’s basically my favourite game since Skyrim.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. Basically as soon as I set foot back in that world of the Witcher I became awestruck by it and it’s because of this that I developed such a desire to delve into the lore and backstory of all these characters whom, prior to playing the literal ending to the full story, I had no notion of. That leads me here essentially.

So I’m wondering to myself what to do. I want to explore the lore and understand the full story of the world. I’ve watched countless lore videos on about a dozen or so characters within the story – some who I met in W3 and some who played important parts up to that – and I have a notion of for example the Nilfgaard wars, political situations over the whole franchise, the plot of the Witcher 1 and 2 games (I actually played 2 a long while ago) and some brief ideas on the major events of the book plots (I know who the characters are but not specifically how many of them tie into the story chronologically or as a narrative).

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The problem is now that online school has started in the form of videos I just don’t have the time or willpower anymore to read the books. When I was stuck isolating with nothing to do I wanted to read the books, but now I have 6-7 hours of zoom classes and after that the last thing I want to do is read more books, I just want to play video games and watch Netflix. That’s where the Witcher Netflix series comes in, but also why I have this dilemma.

I want to learn the plot, true, but I almost feel like the Witcher is meant to be seen in my (as the reader)’s way, and I don’t want specific production choices to spoil my take on the world, and I also feel watching the Netflix series would, in a way, create a barrier between the games and the series, what with me seeing 2 different depictions of every character even if they’re the same characteristically, many do not look so similar. So what do I do? Wait until I have the willpower to read the ~2500 pages, which could very well be years down the line, or just watch the series – is it really as bad as people are making it out to be? I just don’t want my view on this captivating and emotional world to be defined for me by a producer, however watching the series is the most efficient use of my time given how busy or tired I am of late so I really just want to be able to take in the lore and plot as easily as possible without sacrificing months of time, where I’m also stressing the other half of my day over school, to get and experience the same characters and plot points.

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TL;DR – want to read Witcher books after having played W3, don’t have time to read, wondering if the Netflix series will skew my independent view on the world or still leave me with the imagination to see the universe in my own way?



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