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Your preferred ending to Blood and Wine? [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Content of the article: "Your preferred ending to Blood and Wine? [SPOILERS AHEAD]"

I guess I’ll start of with mine. I think, out of the 3, the one where Detlaff kills Syanna and Geralt then let’s him gis my favourite ending. It’s dramatic, and it’s got that overall bittersweet ending that I feel a good story has to it that makes it more realistic.

It’s not too flowery and happy like the “good” ending where Syanna is miraculously swayed and is persuaded not to kill her dear sister which subsequently leads to them both living. That one just seems a bit too happy. Too good to be true, almost.

It’s also not overly Shakespearean like the “bad” ending where both Syanna, Anna Henrietta and also Detlaff are all dead by the conclusion of the expansion. I actually really like this ending and it was certainly a close call between this and my chosen preferred ending, so much so that I can’t quite describe why I like the middle option more. Better aftertaste maybe?

Which leads me to my choice: the “middle” option: I feel like Syanna does deserve to die, if not for her choice to manipulate detlaff into murdering people, for the fact that her fate is left to pure chance whether you buy the ribbon or not. Although I do sympathise with her harsh treatment growing up, I do think that a certain amount of accountability is needed. Let’s not forget it was her actions that also ultimately led to the sacking of Beauclair should she be spared initially. She was in no rush to turn herself in to Detlaffs wrath, even at the expense of hundreds of townspeople.

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As for Detlaff, although he was ultimately responsible for the deaths it is heavily implied through what we are told by Regis but also from what we can gather from meeting Detlaff himself that, had he not been blackmailed, he would not have committed such crimes.

We should also look at Anna Henrietta. She was certainly not innocent. She betrayed her sister, but also betrayed her people and left them to die to save her sister from Detlaff. I do feel like this should be punished, however I think the best way to do this is to make her suffer the guilt of never being able to make amends with her sister. That way Detlaff also gets to live and Regis is not ostracised, despite both sisters getting adequate punishment for their misdeeds.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

The ending for Geralt also seems a bit more believable as him earning a medal for his deed seems a bit far fetched. Being sent to prison only to be saved by dandelion dots more with the story of Geralt of Rivia, I think.


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