Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

[ANY RANK] Siegers Wants You!

We are a small wholesome server of like minded Siege players who want a few more wholesome friends to shoot internet strangers with in a close quarter tactical environment with soft wall destruction.

What we offer :

A toxic free environment! We have Toxic people that spoil a fun night for everyone, although sometimes we can't stop it happening every now and again that a Toxic person may spoil your evening but we can guarantee that the Toxic person won't be around long enough to spoil your evening a second time. We take it very seriously and a very happy to ban anyone who spoils the fun for everyone else.

A "slightly mature" 18+ environment. We don't want to worry about what we say in chat so impose an 18+ rule, we want mature people that know when to be immature for fun and when to get their game face on. We love to have a laugh whilst we play but we know when to put the game face on and play for the win.

A coaching scheme. We have volunteer players with special Coach roles who are plat+ players, they give up some of their free time so that anyone can ping them and ask questions and are willing to go through replays with you to help you up your game if you want to. We also hold the odd group session to over team play.

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An open community. We have an open door policy, you can invite your friends and put forward ideas for how the server is run whenever you want. Just be mindful that we are strict on our simple rule set and anyone that you invite that can't follow our rules will be swiftly removed for the good of the realm.

Self Assigned roles. Self assign roles for your rank to find people at your rank to play with in ranked. We have a wide cross section of ranks from bronze up to plat.

An "other games" section. We often play other games and are open to play other games with you too.

If this sounds like a community that you can play with, feel free to give us a go and message me on Discord! {Serial Bassist#8005} Be sure to read our guide lines and self assign your roles to unlock the server!


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