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Finishing the Battle Pass

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Introduction To complete the R6S Battle Pass, you must get 70000 points. That's 1000 for each of the 70 ranks.

To get the 70000, you have to get 1750 points per day for the 40 days the Battle Pass is available.

Ranked/Unranked Gameplay When playing ranked/unranked games you are given a 25% point bonus. Assuming you've won a ranked/unranked game, you'd receive 60 points for each of the four rounds won and 120 points for a match win, totaling to 360 points per game. Adding on the 25% leaves you with 450 points per won game. If you were to lose a ranked/unranked game, you'd get 100 points for a match loss, and with a 25% increase you cash out at 125 points minimum. (You can get up to 275 points if you win two rounds before losing.)

In order to get the 1750 points needed daily, you would be required to win four games of ranked/unranked. (You'll actually complete it about a day early, but with losses included, you'll likely be finished a bit earlier.) (That's 160/155.5 games won required over the 40 days.) You could also just lose 560 games of unranked/ranked. (14 lost games per day would result in the equivalent of 4 wins.)

At an average of 30 minutes per game, you'd be looking at a minimum of 2 hours of game time.

Casual/Quickmatch When playing casual, you don't get the extra 25% bonus. Assuming you've won a casual/quickmatch game, you'd receive the 60 points for each of the three rounds won, and 120 points for the match win, totaling to 300 points per game. If you were to lose a casual/quickmatch game, you'd get 100 points for the match loss, and you could get up to 220 points if you win two rounds before losing.

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In order to get the 1750 points needed daily, you'd be required to win six games of casual/quickmatch. The same parentheticals apply about ranked here, as you'll still complete the Battle Pass early. You could also go the losing route and just lose 18 games a day, leaving you with 720 casual/quickmatch losses.

At an average of 20 minutes per game, you'd be looking at a minimum of 2 hours of game time.

Premium Battle Pass Owners For people who aren't poor and already paid for the premium version of the Battle Pass, you only have to do 50000 points, as all points you gain are boosted by 30%. The difference is only about a game's worth per day. You must earn 1250 points rather than 1750 points, making it three won ranked/unranked games instead of four per day and about four won games for casual/quickmatch instead of six.

If you're going the loss route, that's 400 lost ranked/unranked games (10 lost games per day) and 500 lost casual games (13 lost games per day).

Ultimately, so long as you get about two ranks per day, you will finish the pass before the time runs out.

You can also complete the 5 available "Personal Challenges" for 850 points each. That'll total to 4,250 points, and if you combine that with either you'll save about two and a half days.

TL;DR If you win 4 games of unranked/ranked, or 6 games of casual/quickmatch daily for the next 40 days you'll finish the Battle Pass before it ends.

EDIT: Formatting and calculation fixes.

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