Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

If you harass people in this game, fuck you.

Content of the article: "If you harass people in this game, fuck you."

I’m going to get downvoted and criticized for saying this but here goes. I decided to write this because I don’t think a lot of people in Seige understand what they say to people really affects them. Today I had a really bad experience with some gamers. These were men. Not 13 year old kids, and not griefers either. I think that’s what made it worse.

Today I was playing seige. I am a girl and I use my mic. I gave some bad and vague call outs, and my teammate ending up dying, and we lost the round. I don’t necessarily think I helped too much but I also don’t think I made him lose the round.

So after he dies, he goes onto his mic and says “thanks for the callouts.” It was pretty sarcastic and at the time I didn’t know my callouts were that bad. I responded sorta confused and asked what he meant. This made him flip his shit and he called me a dumb woman and a bitch. He was incredibly angry and insulted me. I said I didn’t cause him to lose, it’s his fault he messed up and wasn’t good. His friends (these guys all sounded 17+, so they were not kids) told me I sucked and was terrible, which didn’t bother me. The first guy again proceeded to yell at me and told me to go make him a sandwich because all I am is a dumb woman and a bitch. I’m nothing. Normally this doesn’t affect me and I hear it a lot, I’ve been told my hang myself on here or cut my wrists too, but for some reason today I was holding back tears as I said “I didn’t even do anything. Why are you doing this shit?” He proceeded to yell at me more I don’t even remember what he said, it was just angry and yelling. He and his friend left the game. One kid stayed after left and said he was sorry for me. I did end up crying a bit afterwards.

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I’ve been asked for an only fans, asked if I liked anal as a “joke,” been told girls shouldn’t be playing games, and I’ve been insulted for giving a call out because I’m a woman.

I know guys do this a lot. I know it’s common. But I think this stood out to me because he wasn’t a dick the whole game. He wasn’t a 13 year old. He wasn’t a griefer. He was a regular guy. And to think that regular guys treat women this way pisses me off. And don’t say I’m too sensitive. Because no one likes being harassed. I don’t care if you say “you suck” and then argue with someone. But the second you start harassing people for not doing what you wanted, that’s on you.


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