Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Looking for tryhard and NON-TOXIC teammates (by “non-toxic” I mean exactly that, ok?XD)

Hi everyone! I left my team because of lack of discipline and willing to find better teammates now. Mainly I want to rank up (my highest is Plat 2), but I would like to play competitively as well.

I'm looking for friendly, positive, and yet passionate players who constantly work on themselves to get better every day. I want to form a solid team not only as a source to achieve higher results, but to create a space where I will vibe with like-minded people.

Please, be disciplined enough to not scream and complain in voice every time you die. This is a competitive shooter, you supposed to both kill and die. And if you are looking to get better, you should learn from your deaths, not rage from them. Just give a callout and analyze your mistakes to not repeat them.

Otherwise, if you don't agree with what was mentioned above, you like to yell at your teammates, insult them and blame them and the game itself for your every death, AND you are sure that the game never register your perfectly landed headshots and announce that every time you missed your shots – please don't bother, let's not waste each other's time.

I'm 31, and I've been babysitting for angry kids for too long. Now I'm looking for mature like-minded people who can learn from their mistakes and treat others in kind (both teammates and even enemies). The age doesn't matter. Only your mindset matters.

Surprisingly enough, I found out in a harsh way that I must mention the following points as well:

1 – We are 2 PLAT players who are looking for equal teammates. It means that we are looking for people who are: – Give callouts – Drone and share the intel – Let us know when they leave a position and won’t be able to cover us from there anymore – Their gamesense is far more then just “I see – I shoot”. They know basic routes and cover them, know where the enemies would most likely come from.

2 – We don’t have a professor’s degree in linguistics ourselves, but please, could you be able to conversate in English within the game and understand us, since you are reading this? That would be very nice of you😊

3 – We don’t want to waste our time and elo with someone who have bought his account, got boosted or even cheating. We will notice that pretty soon and we won’t get along anyways, so keep that in mind and don’t bother in those cases.

Please DM me in Discord and share a link to your stats: Zardarius#7403

PLEASE NOTE: Share a link to your profile on tabstats, like our profiles below. And if you have "toxic behavior" mark there – just don't even bother contacting us, ok?:)

After all this long post we still get requests from people with toxic behavior bans somehow XD

Here are our stats:

Looking forward to your replies, cheers!


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