Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

NEVER in my life have I EVER thrown a match. However. Tonight? I flipped the toxicity.

Tl;dr – flipped the script on toxic jerks.

I’m new to the community. I know, I’m late. Love the game. Met some really cool people.

Inhavevalso witnessed the slew of toxicity mentioned so frequently on here. I seem to be a little older than a lot of the players, which is fine. I often find myself welding toxic players together via my mediation and leadership skills.

I talk people out of retaliating team kills, rally otherwise disinterested lone wolfs to the team, whatever it takes. Even when I lose, I play to the end with everything I can. No surrender.

I’ve watched matches get thrown with a shrug, and laughed off being TK’d more times in my life than I can recall. It’s a game – I like to win, but I’m here to have fun.

Yet you, my friends, were special. At the end of our first round, I was in the top of the leaderboard. You and your buddies hopped over from party chat to call me dog**** and whatever other slew you were spewing (with your zero kills and negative score from tk).

I tried to reason with you. Watched you rack up reverse friendly fire, collect two wins and keep talking shit. You sound older than a lot of players I meet. I gave you 3 rounds of effort. 3 rounds to pull it together and not be toxic. Nope.

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So I grabbed the defuser and hung out…4 rounds in a row. I kept trying to reason with you. Nothing. So I hung out outside. Shot the windows off all the cars and laughed at your frustrated cries into the mic. The louder and more desperate your insults, the louder I laughed..still, I tried to bridge the gap.

I kept making the point that it could all end and we could seal up a win. All you had to do was stop being rude.

At 32, this is the first time in my life I’ve thrown a match. I believe in teamwork. Fuck your opinions, if you lose I lose. I usually turn the other cheek but you…you, my boys, were special.

I don’t even care if this gets downvoted to oblivion. I’ve spent my entire life laughing off jerks like you online. Your frustration was worth it, take a nap. Defeat has never tasted so sweet.


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