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New Gods (NG) is recruiting XBOX players! [ANY RANK] [NORTH AMERICA] [XBOX] [18+]

Content of the article: "New Gods (NG) is recruiting XBOX players! [ANY RANK] [NORTH AMERICA] [XBOX] [18+]"

Hello there! I surmise if you decided to click this post, that would conclude you're interested in our team? Regardless, here's some information for you.


New Gods (NG) is recruiting members to participate in team scrimmages, playtime in the ranked playlist, and the possibility to enter tournaments. We're a group of kind, open-minded individuals just enjoying a game we all like to play. We provide a nontoxic environment for members and take action if negative conduct is present. We have our laughs, our fun moments, and our serious ones. New God's average skill categorized by Rainbow Six Siege rank system would likely be Silver-Gold. However, that doesn't mean if you are excluded if your rank is higher or lower. We offer logos/icons for our members to use whenever they become fully committed. Our criteria for joining isn't particularly exclusive however there are a few significant things we look for in new recruits:

  • 18+ Years of age
  • Kind treatment of people no matter their background, gender, race, and all other umbrella terminology
  • Punctuality in upcoming events
  • Availability throughout the week with a majority attendance
  • Ability to work well with others
  • A sense of humor and some thick skin; we tend to joke around

We are looking for players who can:

  • Play flexibly on any role asked of them, or be willing to learn their role in our team composition
  • Retain a positive mindset and encourage others in an optimistic manner
  • Dedicate to the team such as would people dedicate to a job
  • Avoid an egotistical demeanor
  • Enjoy themselves
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What a normal week would be:

  • Going over specific maps to expand map knowledge and strategies for the future
  • Ranked gameplay
  • Team scrimmages to practice in different scenarios
  • Reviews of our weekly performance
  • Occasional tournament participation

If you are still interested, please don't hesitate to send me a message through Reddit and we will come up with a scheduled time to meet ingame with the rest of our peers.


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