Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

New Operative suggestion

So I'm not a great balance manager so my suggested operative might seem a bit under- or overpowered. Feel free to add up.

Attacker, 1 speed, 3 armour.

Name: Giovanny Giorgio, codename Giorgio.

Background: his origin and his past unknown and his real name is a mystery though it's known that he worked 34 years at Belgium circus in Bruges. Offspring from a starving Italian family, he achieved nothing in his life until he put on a red clown nose and smeared the first strokes of white paint onto his face uglified by an unprecedented deficit of intelligence, though even then he haven't succeed in any way further. Since then he had been performing under a nickname of his own creation – Giorgio, which accidentally match his own last name, though he assures it's nothing but a coincidence.

A professional funnyman and an experienced preschoolers entertainer, he fitted perfectly in Rainbow Six team with his modified potato shooting gun – Aardappel Schutter, "Aard" for shirt.

Here's what CTO Mira have to say about him: "Giorgio brings some great effect of surprise into attacking team which works in our operatives' favour sometimes.His approach is ingenious: his squeaking boots work like proximity alarms, they distract defenders and leave them open for a different angle attack. Aard sets the site on chaos, it's just like we had unleashed not one clown but the whole belgium circus from our little reinforced van".

Main weapon: M590A1 shotgun or SMG-12 (Giorgio arrived without his own weapon so he had to have what other guys don't use)

Secondary: Keratos .357 (for the same reasoning)

His ability is a modified potato shooter named Aardappel Schutter. It operates by a pneumatic drive fed by a big douche with a check valve. Aard throws a random object from the Big Jar of Objects: during the prep phase Giorgio simply grabs what he can find on a table at the R6 HQ and dumps it all into an opaque plastic jar, which serves as Aard's mag. Impossible to predict what comes next from its barrel: from a stun grenade, to Alibi's Prism, Ash's grenade, Lesion's sting, Tachanka's Shumikha, Gridlock's Trax, Ace's SELMA, Wamai's Mag-Net, or even Smoke's mysterious canister – it might be anything and more. Whatever it is though it works just like if the original owner have thrown it – example is Lesion's sting shot by Aard would be safe for the defending team, while Traxs would hurt them. BJoO only fits a dozen of items so you have to use them sparingly.

Giorgio's tactics changes on the go: if an Aard shell shot to a door happened to be a smoke grenade he squeaks his way to change his vector of attack, and if it happened to be a SELMA he does some stuff then, too. Whatever Aard shots with, Giorgio always finds a way to use it in his favour, – or to make fun of it as a last cause tactics.

The new operative is expected to become especially popular in TicToc population so our design team is already creating the first two dozens of elite skins for him


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