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Support Main LFT T4

Content of the article: "Support Main LFT T4"

I am currently looking for a T4 team in the Gold-Platinum range that needs a Support or Flex player.

What I want from you, the team:

  • Be somewhat established, with no large roster changes expected
  • Play together multiple times a week, be that in scrims, Faceit queue or just Ranked
  • Play regular Open Cups or join a League
  • Have an IGL who takes his job seriously
  • Be professional and have Victory as a goal

About my person:

  • I am from Germany, and speak English (preferred language for comms) at A1-A2 level
  • 17 years old, calm and non-toxic, can deal with pressure, non-squeaky mic

My R6 experience:

  • I have been playing for exactly 18 months today, been in the amateur competitive world for about 6 months playing with Team DRA (T4/plat) as a substitute
  • >900h actual play time on record as well as hundreds of hours of „theory exercise“ on YT, Reddit, with my team

My Playstyle:

  • I dislike playing aggressive roles in serious environments, prefer hard breach, support, soft breach
  • I prefer a structured, methodical, environment with set defense setups and pre-planned attacks
  • I rarely play too aggro, I am often the last person alive
  • Experience in comp on mainly Thermite, Ace, Buck, Smoke, Mute, Melusi
  • Main ops outside comp rn: Buck, Ace, Zero, Maverick / Bandit, Rook, Mozzie, Lesion
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Skill, Strenghts and Weaknessess:

  • Inconsistent at fragging, standard KD well below 1
  • My comms are not the quickest, however I can be precise about calls
  • My gamesense is average at best, I suck at making small decisions about e.g. positioning
  • I have strong map knowledge on all Pro League maps plus ranked maps
  • I use the utility at my disposal – drones, breaches, C4s, cameras… effectively
  • I can perform well in clutch situations
  • I am a good vertical player

If this is a criterium for you my current Rank is Gold III, all-time WL 1.0; all-time KD 0.8

Add me on Discord for an interview or try-out:

Pornelius Hubert#1988 


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