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Year 6 Reveal Megathread

This post will serve as a megathread for information about Year 6 as a whole that has been revealed as part of the Future of Siege stream.

Check out our other megathread for information specifically about Y6S1: Operation Crimson Heist.

You can re-watch the whole panel here:

Have I missed anything? Reply to my stickied comment with additional information, thanks!

Year 6 Roadmap

Year 6 Roadmap

Season 1: Operation Crimson Heist

  • Operator: Flores from Argentina
  • Border map rework
  • Other content:
    • 1 in-game event
    • Multiple Arcade modes
    • Battlepass
    • Core gameplay changes
  • For more information, visit our Crimson Heist reveal megathread

Season 2

  • Operator from the Nakoda indigenous people of Canada
  • Favela casual map rework
  • Other content:
    • 1 in-game event
    • Multiple Arcade modes
    • Battlepass
    • Core gameplay changes

Season 3

  • Operator from Croatia
  • Smaller changes to multiple maps
  • Other content:
    • 1 in-game event
    • Multiple Arcade modes
    • Battlepass
    • Core gameplay changes

Season 4

  • Operator from Ireland
  • Outback map rework
  • Other content:
    • 1 in-game event
    • Multiple Arcade modes
    • Battlepass
    • Core gameplay changes

Changes Throughout Year 6

General Changes

  • New Operators now available through the Battlepass
    • First reward of the premium track (includes exclusive headgear & uniform)
    • Replaces Year Pass
    • Can be bought with Renown after 2-week exclusivity period
    • No Battlepass price changes
  • Test Server changes: testing more ambitious changes
    • Big changes tested might be tested up to 6 months prior to coming to live servers to gather early feedback
Read more:  Ubi, please give us more time for the battlepass. Please.

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced in-game downtime
    • Right now, gameplay activity is focused on action phase
    • Improvements to support phase: attackers can use drones after death, Echo & Maestro can use their gadgets after death
  • Reduced imbalance towards defenders
    • Attackers can repick Operators during preparation phase
    • GONNE-6 attacker secondary weapon that shoots small explosive round
  • Operator armor now represented by additional health
    • 1 armor => 100 health
    • 2 armor => 120 health
    • 3 armor => 140 health
    • Rook armor => additional 20 health
  • Goyo rework: canisters will no be attached to shields anymore
  • Melusi rework: Banshee devices will open based on proximity, removing their bulletproof characteristic
  • Mira nerf: Black Mirrors can be meleed to remove vision
  • Maestro nerf: Evil Eyes can be meleed to remove vision when closed

Onboarding Improvements

  • New onboarding development cell focused on helping new players get into the game faster
  • Goal: lower skill floor while skill ceiling remains at current level

Ranked & Matchmaking Updates

  • Ranking system being reworked to allow for better progression across seasons
  • Matchmaking changes to combat smurf accounts and intentional deranking

Player Behavior Updates

  • Reputation System active in background for a while
  • Goal of reputation system: give feedback to the player about their standing
  • Sanctions for bad standing, rewards for positive standing
    • Sanction like Ranked ban, voice chat ban, etc
Read more:  [FaT]


  • Return of global majors in 2021
  • Six Invitational returning to Montreal in February 2022

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Modernized menus
  • Modernized artwork, including updated game logo
  • Streamer mode (coming in first half of Y6)
    • Hide usernames, region, level, profile picture and ping
    • Random matchmaking delay
  • Technology improvements
    • Better connectivity
    • Better DDoS mitigation
    • Reduced download size
  • Elite Skin customization
    • Headgear, uniform, and victory animation can be equipped separately
  • More Elite Skin partnerships after Lara Croft-inspired Ash
    • Next: Resident Evil-inspired Zofia Elite Skin
    • Later: another Resident Evil-inspired Elite Skin
  • Rainbow Six Siege board game coming in summer 2021
  • Rick & Morty collaboration teased


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