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Year 6 Season 1: Operation Crimson Heist Reveal Megathread

This post will serve as a megathread for information about Year 6 Season 1: Operation Crimson Heist that has been revealed as part of the Future of Siege stream.

Check out our other megathread for information about Year 6 as a whole.

You can re-watch the whole panel here:

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  • Test Server availability: Monday, February 22
  • Live Server launch: March 16
  • Previously released information:

New Attacker: Flores

  • Medium speed, medium armor attacker from Argentina
  • Gadget: RCE-Ratero
    • Explosive drone, triggered with a 3 second countdown
    • Becomes bulletproof and anchors to surfaces when triggered
    • Constantly moves forwards, can’t slow down, can’t reverse
    • Has a maximum lifetime of 10 seconds
    • Can jump, can be destroyed like a regular drone when moving
    • Explosion is deadly, can create Impact Grenade-sized holes in unreinforced walls
  • Primary weapons:
    • AR33
    • SR-25
  • Secondary weapons:
    • GSH-18
  • Secondary gadgets:
    • Stun Grenade
    • Claymore

Map Rework: Border

  • Increased brightness and visibility across the map
  • Less noise during the action phase
  • 1st Floor
    • Increased size of bathroom, now covering the old Tellers exterior wall
    • Moved door, adjusted cover in Supply Room
    • Removed two soft walls between Customs & Passport
  • 2nd Floor
    • Increased size of Archives, decreased size of Offices
    • Added interior balcony between East Stairs & Break Room, overlooking Waiting Room
    • Adjusted cover in Armory Lockers
  • Exterior
    • Added exterior staircase on the northeast corner of the map, leading up to the balcony
    • Adjusted cover when coming from the west spawn
    • Removed AC units outside of Archives

Gameplay Updates, New Features & Other Changes


  • New secondary weapon
  • Shoots a single round that creates small explosion
  • Can destroy bulletproof gadgets

Match Replay System

  • Coming to PC in beta

Elite Skin

  • New Elite Skin: Kali, named Masterframe Prototype I
  • Launching on Monday, February 22


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