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(18min Time Trial) My Best Build For Manning National Zoo Time Trial

Content of the article: "(18min Time Trial) My Best Build For Manning National Zoo Time Trial"

Suggested Speed Run Build For Manning National Zoo Time Trial

Alright guys so I just ran this mission 3 or 4 times. Could not manage to beat 18:35 and 18:05 with my absolute favorite build in the game right now:

4x Hunter's Fury – Death Grips – Memento Backpack.

Dark Winter with Perfect Killer, The Mop with Close & Personal, KARD pistol with Future Perfect/In Sync 4 Armor Cores, 3 Weapon Damage Cores and 1 Skill Tier === (Link Starts Video After Intro)

I think that build is perfect for a DPS Hybrid for Heroic content and Legendary Summit Floors, especially solo, and I just love the insane Armor & Health On Kill it gives you, almost never out of Armor and even with a sliver of health left, you can get back a ton of armor, bonus armor and health back quick.

But even with the Lady Death on that build, I found this build to be much better for this speed run, an older build I made back in October === (Link Starts Video After Intro)

4x True Patriot – Sokolov Chest w/ Intimidate – Memento Backpack.

Time Trial Results & Build Overview: 17:12 Minutes To Complete Time Trial & Build Overview

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But instead, use Lady Death as primary, Rock N Roll or The Mop Shotgun with Close and Personal, and KARD pistol with Future Perfect. Really all you need is the Lady Death though, I only used my KARD pistol on a few enemies and never again and it was not necessary whatsoever.

Change your skills to Striker Drone instead of Crusader Shield, keep Revive Hive just in case or use Pulse or anything else you want to, Striker Drone is the only skill that matters that is why I kept the Revive Hive and I had nearly 40 seconds remaining so I could have died, revived, and managed to beat it still.

You don't need to go for Restock Boxes either, just skip them. The Ammo and Magazine Size increase from True Patriot makes this possible.

Overall this was really fun before getting started on Phase 2 of the PTS. For anyone struggling to get that under 18min run, get together a TP+Memento SMG Build and shred through it.

And remember, this build is amazing for Heroic content and Legendary Summit Floors (Have yet to try it on actual Legendary missions since Turret/Drone-M1A Rifle Build-Chainkiller Build are my favorite for Legendary missions but am willing to give it a try soon).

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You end up dealing a ton of damage and you can still take a ton of damage as well, movement speed is highly increased from Lady Death, your Ammo & Magazine Sizes are increased to 41 Rounds on the LD and almost 1400 rounds overall. So rarely need a Restock Box either which also speeds up any run. Also by running Gunner you get 10% of your Total Ammo back every 60 seconds, so Restock Box really doesn't matter anymore.

Hope this helps.

– Agent Shadow.


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