Tom Clancy's The Division 2

A few Question, new to endgame

I am finally at lvl40 and starting to farm gear/ressources a bit more specifically and several questions have popped up over the weekend:

  1. I have grey/green ressources maxed, but not yet the recipies for "alloy bundles". When i salvage yellows i "only" get the alloy/brand material. When i salvage epics i get nothing. Is there something i should spend those basic ressources on to shuffle them into something else?
  2. Are the "alloy bundle" recepies fixed rewards at specific locations or do they randomly appear and i need to scan the Map for them? (the map in general seems so cluttered, i am not getting warm with finding specific stuff on it) ^^
  3. Sometimes enemies have a "new" green bar under their healthbar. What is that? Is it a bonus healthbar?
  4. Directives "only" give EXP right? Or are drops also improved like difficulty?
  5. I am a little bit overwhelmed regarding gearmods. What are the "good" ones to look out for? Is it mainly crit chance/dmg ; Armor regen / dmg from elites ; Skillhaste / dmg / duration that i should keep/save? Inventory gets cluttered with these often and i would like to trash stuff that is only used in "wierd/fun builds"
  6. found a chamäleon and was hyped, since i like ARs a lot. But since it has a higher RoF/magazin and less dmg/bullet i have been running out of ammo more often, while having no issues at all before. Especially open world. Any tipps or is it just a bad AR?
  7. can most exotics (outside the legendary specific ones) drop anywhere? I have found 3so far, and 2have been the holster that burns random enemies. One from a CP4 and one from the tanker mission with backpack loot targeted…is it just RNG or do locations influence even exotics that can theoretically drop anywhere? (for example i read that for memento you should farm backpack targetted loot missions/areas…but in theory it could drop anywhere right?)
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Thanks in advance


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