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A full original concept for a (practical) mission creator/editor for The Division 2 (feedback greatly appreciated).

Just a warning, this is a lot of reading.

Any thriving game has replayability. Any game that wants to thrive needs replayability. Since every manhunt is filled with the same missions over and over again, I have an idea to break the game feeling like a grind.

A practical, easy-to-use mission editor/creator.

This idea is nothing inherently new, and I'm willing to bet this has been discussed here at least once in the past at some point. I've been thinking about how something like this would work for longer than is probably healthy for someone to think about anything. Let me explain my thinking.

If any Ubisoft or Massive developers want to let me know in the comments as to the limitations of the division 2 engine, please absolutely do. I am very curious as to what it can and can't handle in different scenarios.

Here's my thought process for what it could look like:

-and to make make it clearer, let me compare to other games.

Fortnite (yes I know, the dreaded BR) has creative mode, and you already know what it does based on the title. Make a world, publish the world, send the code to someone else, then they can play on that world.

Rocket League training packs are created through a shot editor, which lets you change all sorts of things on a shot to help you improve. You can change where the ball is, how fast it is going, where it is going, where you want the car to be, whether you want to be shooting at the goal or defending it, etc. You create the pack of several shots, publish it, send the code to someone else, they can play through your pack seamlessly.

Team Fortress 2 has a PVE mode named Mann VS Machine, where you fight off hoards of robots in a team of 6 (or more on modded servers). People have created waves for the pre-existing mode just through modifying code within the spawn-scheduling file (or editing the script of events I guess).

So what does any of that have to do with what I'm talking about? Well I feel like it wouldn't be that difficult to create a mission editor, where you can pick how many people spawn into rooms, and where. I could be completely wrong about what the system can and cannot do, but every enemy has to be assigned their own unique value or entity name right (like "hyena:melee_elite").

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The idea in steps:

Lets pick a mission. I like the Air and Space Museum, so I'll start there.

  • Create your level room by room, and at any time you can hit Tab to playtest a room from its designated supply room before it.
  • Once you've completed your mission, set the difficulty of your mission (Normal, Hard, Challenging, Heroic, or Legendary).
  • Give it a name (Example: Airburst Hell) and possibly a general description.
  • Once you publish your mission, it is stored under a tab in the mission preview menu named "My custom missions," which would be under a new difficulty below Heroic (or Legendary) named "Custom." Logo could be whatever the devs want; I suggest a circle, diamond, or star.
  • The game will generate a 14-digit code for you specified to the mission you made it for. For example, my Airbust Hell mission would have the code of "AS-1234-5678-90AB."
  • That code is published in a general list tab under the "Custom" difficulty specifically for that mission. The code can also be sent to a friend or through clan chat, which can be pasted into a text bar to cue that mission.

So to wrap it up nicely:

I made a custom mission, and send it to a friend. They paste the mission code into the paste box, which makes the game set up my specific mission for them to play.

Please excuse my MS Paint UI…



Raids and Pentagon not included due to the scale of objective-based operations.

This system could open up a near-uncomparable amount of replayability to the game through the community, who obviously love and care for this game. The thing people hate the most about the game is the repetitiveness of doing the same thing over and over again. Through this, the community would be playing the same missions, against endless different setups. However, every system has its positives and negatives.

The negatives…

None of playing custom missions will count for Manhunt progress, give any resources or drops, or give any XP whatsoever. It will purely be for the challenge, and creativity. However, this could open up a ton of opportunities for Ubisoft/Massive to do things like pass time between updates. Let me explain a bit further…

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Super Division Maker 😀

I always loved how Wendy's marketed themselves through Super Mario Maker 2. They would make a course one a week, and whoever completed it the fastest won a gift card to their restaurant. Ubisoft/Massive could do the same thing with this. If the editor is done right, it should be really easy to make a level in a day, let alone a week. They could publish it as the "Ubisoft Mission of the Week" and give 100-1000 premium credits to who completed the mission the fastest for that week.

That really leaves only one or two questions…

How would a level editor work?

The idea that I had was along the lines of copying and modifying the already-existing photo mode to create an editor mode. Enemies either begin spawned in the room prior to agents entering (patrol), or enter once agents clear an area (as backup squads). Highlighting specific doors would allow you to put a maximum of 5 backup squads per door set, and when they trigger (at 0-5 allies remaining, etc.). Pressing Tab would put you in the resupply room before the room you're currently modifying. In there, you could change your build, guns, skills etc. Dying would put you back to the editor. Other things can be changed, such as "Does the entrance door close behind you?"

Endless Replayability (end note)

I don't say any of this lightly, this could open the door to potential Ubisoft/Massive doesn't even know they could have. Content creators making custom storylines through missions, such as the Rikers freeing all prisoners throughout the nation and taking over like black tusk did, Rikers and Hyenas teaming up together, Cleaners sweeping the complex of Outcasts, hostage situations within a building, Legendary white-tusk missions, clearing a building full of rogues (or a rogue safehouse), the list goes on and on.

There is potential here for something big, be it a free addition or paid DLC to create missions. Regardless, right now you need to meet quota on two things Ubisoft/Massive:

Money, and Player Interest.

This solves both, and you don't have many other things to use from The Division's past besides the Hunters, and April Kelleher. I personally would pay for this DLC if it came out, and I'm fairly certain that a lot of other dedicated players would not mind paying $5-10 for it either.

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Feedback and discussions in the comments please. I really want to know what everyone else thinks of this. I will also gladly sign a hundred NDAs just to playtest this for you in it's earliest phases.

Oh and Ubisoft, if you do think of doing something like this (and please, do), do not rush it out just to release something. In order for this to function well, it has to be done to satisfaction, not completion.

Post-writing notes and edits:

Post Note 1: If there's any questions as to if the amount of levels will cause a shortage of codes; there are 599,555,620,984,320,000 (or 5.995556209E+17) different combinations of 12-character codes through the 0000-0000-0000 format (if we use all 36 possible characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890). This is also per mission, so I think we'd be fine on that front 😀

Post Note 2: This can also apply to the summit quite easily. You could have people make custom floors to go up a custom summit instead of the real one. At least there would be different enough floors to add even more replayability and diversity.


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