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A need for the clarification on the upcoming “targeted loot chances” in TU11.1

Content of the article: "A need for the clarification on the upcoming “targeted loot chances” in TU11.1"

In the SOTG from yesterday it was mentioned that difficulty and directives will affect targeted loot chances and just wanted to know whether we are all on the same page regarding what that means.

As of today, the chances of getting targeted loot are the same playing in normal than legendary, the only difference is the power of items. If I'm not mistaken, the total number of drops and the proportion of those drops that are actually targeted should be roughly the same. It's s simple idea, you get the same quantity of items regardless of difficulty, the same % of the total loot dropped is targeted regardless of difficulty modifiers, the only difference is how good their stats are.

In TU11.1, will introduce the idea of targeted loot chances which I feel could be interpreted in slightly different ways as summarised below.

  1. We will get more total drops in heroic+ than in normal, and this will be further enhanced by directives. The proportion of targeted loot will be the same regardless of difficulty, let's say 50% of drops will be targeted but, since we will get much more loot in heroic 5 directives than heroic no directives, the total amount of targeted will be higher as an indirect effect. In sum, only loot quantity scales with difficulty modifiers and as a consequence, targeted loot scales as well.

  2. The total quantity of loot dropped will be roughly the same as of today but the distribution between targeted and non-targeted will change. As an example, in heroic you'll get 10 drops and 5 of them will be targeted (the rest are mods xD). Now you jump to legendary or you add a few directives to heroic. You get the same 10 total drops as before but now 8 out of 10 are targeted.

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As you see, there are different ways to to increase the chances of targeted loot:

(A) by playing with the total number of drops


(B) the proportion of loot drops that actually match the targeted loot of a particular activity.

Please, let's discuss this topic and hopefully bring the attention of Massive to clarify this issue.


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