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A new DZ feature that might help benefit the game.

Content of the article: "A new DZ feature that might help benefit the game."

I made a similar post some time ago but ended up deleting it because it wasn't properly organized so I am making another post. I'm aware that the DZ is made to be hard for a reason but this new idea will make it more accessible for players to go to the DZ without jeopardizing the experience as a whole. This idea can benefit the most dedicated PvP players but will also greatly benefit the hardcore PvE players

Allow me to begin by stating that currently safe houses have little utility other than a spawn point after a player dies and getting a daily loot reward (that is underwhelming at best). I want to provide the safe house with a useful new feature. This would be an Extraction Lock Box. Essentially this is an incredibly small cache space only found within safe houses that allows players to drop in contaminated items and DZ credits. Before i lose some people by saying it will ruin the DZ let me explain how this would work

  • When ever you receive a contaminated item you have the option of placing this item into your extraction lock box
  • Players can have a minimum lock box space of 2 items up to a maximum of 5 items with a high enough DZ level
  • Players can place a minimum of 25 DZ credits to a maximum of 50 DZ credit spaces with a high enough DZ level in the Lock Box
  • Exotic items take up 3 item slots while non exotic items takes up 1 item slot.
  • Any item placed in the lock box will be placed in the player's stash at the next weekly reset
  • Once an item is placed in the lock box, the only way to remove it is either by waiting for the next weekly reset or by destroying the item already inside.
  • You can only destroy a maximum of 3 items in the Extraction Lock Box per week.
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This Extraction Lock Box should be a commitment when placing items inside and if players want to remove an item early the only option would be to destroy it. Now some questions i would like to address for players who aren't entirely sure of this idea

Will this replace extractions?

Not at all. Extractions are and always will be the quickest way to receive any loot players obtain in DZ. It has always been a high risk/high reward task to complete. They also can extract a limitless amount of times they like. On the other hand, the lock box is capped at 2-5 items a week and will receive said items at the next weekly reset.

Why add a Lock Box when we already have extractions?

It has been said by many players that they want to be able to gain DZ exclusive loot outside of the DZ. This is likely due to the fact that new players have had poor experiences in the Dark Zone (Which all of us have at one point) so instead of making the DZ lose the reason why players farm it, we can add an alternative extraction method that won't ruin the DZ experience as a whole but be much safer for new players to get the loot they want.

Can players cheese the lock box?

I'm assuming some players would believe that if they kill someone they can just take their stuff and simply put it in the lock box or vice versa essentially skipping the need to extract. That is a possibility but with the limited amount of space in the lock box plus the cap on how many items can be destroyed per week, it wouldn't always be available to do so. Players also have no access to the safe house while rogue so only non rogue players can actually do this. Even if players make it to a check point there is no fast traveling to the safe house, plus fast traveling would destroy any items on the person.

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If anything most people spite others by simply running over the loot and deconstructing it all. With this being a new way to save loot, there is a chance to get the loot back if you can beat them to the safe house.

Player who died: Respawns at safe house

Player again: Reloads SMG with murderous intent

Is this meant for players who aren't good at extracting?

Not necessarily. It can be argued that this would be more tailored to players who are inexperienced in the DZ. However there are times when a player farms countless hours for something they want and finally get it but their time and effort is essentially meaningless when a group of rogues comes in 10 minutes earlier and takes their stuff.

For example, Let's say you are farming the DZ for nearly 2 weeks and finally find the named backpack The Gift with the stats you want. You are alone but decide to go extract to get your new backpack. Then you hear from ISAC "Nearby Agent has gone Rogue". You manage to kill the player but his other 3 teammates are hauling ass to get to you. You have the option of going to the safe house and then placing The Gift in the lock box. You'll most likely lose the rest of your stuff if you choose to fight them but your 2 weeks of grinding wouldn't have been for nothing.

These type of scenarios is why I think some players don't ever touch the DZ. Now their might be some incentives to farming over their.

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Do you guys see this as something useful or should it not be added? I want to hear why you may or may not like it.


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