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A note on Legendaries.

Too many players are coming to legendaries completely unprepared and end up taking hours to complete them if they are successful at all.I have been completing legendaries succesfully since SHD 50 I'm well past that now and can run most of them in about 40 minutes with zero wipes.

If I run legendary with players and we wipe I know it's because of their terrible builds and horrible tactics I have had to revive an entire team killing multiple heavies on my own yes, I have had to take down three heavies solo because my teamed wiped trying to tank heavies, I have successfully two manned and solo'ed all legendary missions they are not that difficult with proper builds and tactics.

With that said if some one is 10x your SHD level maybe you should listen to them and pay attention to their build.Builds that work in open world aren't nessasary what work in legendary.

Look at how many enemies you have killed at the end of a mission we are out numbered 4 to hundreds…so tactically we need to even our odds,how do we do that, by increasing our fire power how do we increase our fire power, by adding more guns and only two skills manage to accomplish this.

Turrets and drones are basically like having 2 extra players per player so tactically you go from four to 12 that's a huge difference in fire power.Legendary enemies are aggressive and will rush, even redbars on Legendary can be difficult to take out I have seen one red bar wipe multiple players.Skills prevent ECs from rushing it creates a buffer that pics them off over time, it's a numbers game.

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I have gotten SHD 1s through legendary using sound tactics and proper builds.

You should not be running more than four pieces of a green gearset if you only have 3 pieces of a green gearset do not use the chest piece or back pack that's a wasted talent slot.

When it comes to Skills the stuff I see players running makes me wonder if they can read sometimes I've seen, holograms, flame turrets ,Fireflies on crit builds.Either way you don't need them the cool downs are to long and they don't push back the ECs.A player can run artificer instead of a drone.

Have a load out diffrent parts of the levels often call for diffrent tactics.but Turrets and drones mostly

It's not run and gun I'm damn near invincible and can't do it and couldnt even before the hive was nerfed.I play with players that try to tank heavies if you don't see me doing it you definitely can't.fall back when heavies come if your getting overun fall back .

I just ran with a guy that had the dumbest build for legendary I ever saw, I told him he should change it he told me does legendary all the time after he and the other 2 players wiped on the first heavy which I knew they would because they didn't listen I put my player in a safe spot and I went and made a sandwhich.Never respawned them.Dont play with arrogant players with bad builds that wipe on the easiest parts of the level.

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Long rant over; Time for the builds

Use a skill build that's optimized with skill haste skill damage and some armour running tactician you can have 5 yellow cores 1 armour core and still have a skill tier six and run talents that buff your skills.

One medic build which is basically a skill build with repair skill stacked on instead of skill damage.Keep it in your loadout.Most players will need a medic for the final raid bosses.

I recommend one tank build running vanguard with atleast 1million armour ,shields get strength from yellow and blue cores so you can still run a decent turret or artificer.If you see players taking damage you can give them a quick buff.With this build you want tech support talent on your back pack.

A few parts of levels require some DPS keep a load out for those parts primarily the jammer in capitol hill there's other ways to take it out but the devsarealways watching.

All players should run tactician for the most part if you dont have go get it.

Some lower level players drones are to weak and get shot down instantly in that case use healing hives or artificers.

For the most part using these tactics any team can get through legendary I have played with SHD 5000 and SHD 1 and it's all the same Have patience let your skills do their job.

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Get a MiC and communicate guys any old pair of headphones with inline MiC will work you don't need a $200 headseat.


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