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A Petition for the Ability to Edit Existing Character Appearance in TD2

Content of the article: "A Petition for the Ability to Edit Existing Character Appearance in TD2"

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Before anyone bashes me for this, keep in mind that on multiple occasions in the distant past community reps said this would eventually come. It has just been really silent for a long while and so I made this friendly petition to raise awareness about an issue that may seem trivial to some, but that many will welcome a feature to correct and can help those who were affected by the bug. Thank you.

The ability to readjust an existing character's original facial features, including but not limited to the facial sliders and even gender change, has been the longest requested feature for this game since roughly around the time of its release. The community managers on various occasions and platforms of social media including the forums and also on the subreddit for the game here have posted that the team is going to work on this dating back to the original posts made from the early days of this game.

Multiple numerous posts have been made by various community members asking for this and the large majority have agreed that this is very desired. Ubisoft could make up for the drop in revenue from this game's dwindling playerbase.

This change would encourage players who have been a victim of the early barber bug which caused their characters to be randomized completely to a different person and were not interested in restarting the game with a new character, to return to the game once again, and bigger playerbase means more opportunities for money for Ubisoft, through MTX, Expansion purchases and more. Allowing a one-time free full appearance change (including everything the original character creation screen allows) and then premium credit-based followups to that would be the best gift to any and all players and especially disgruntled players who have either been hit by this glitch or those who have grown annoyed with the choices they've made initially but are too far in just to recreate a character, boost them up through WoNY, re-level their entire specialization trees, build up their credits once again, and do all of those things just to be able to do what 99.9% of other live-service, continuous grind games on the market offer to existing characters normally.

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Therefore, since there has been total radio silence for the past almost year and a half about this super useful QoL feature, after being told there is interest in creating this option initially, I have made this petition in order to raise awareness of this issue and hope that it picks up traction and the developers at Massive take notice finally. I do not think it is much to ask and every time this issue gets brought up on official forums or on this subreddit for The Division 2, it gets ignored by the community reps aside from the one post I made back in March 2019 on the subreddit – here it is and the one or maybe two posts that were originally made on the official Div2 forums about it. Every post beyond that has been completely silent. It's been a long time and of course there are always those who will come in and try to derail the topic at hand by saying there are more important issues to sort, but there will always be other issues to sort. That's how live-service games are, there's always things to do. Doesn't mean that this should take a backseat for 5 years. It's not taboo to discuss an issue that bothers many players. We shouldn't have to slap on a mask and call it a day. Cheers and thanks again if you've taken the time to read. Hope we can get this QoL feature implemented soon.

EDIT 1: Thank you for the award, dear anonymous contributor! Blessings to all and hope they take notice.

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