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Adding a more adaptive experience for missions.

Content of the article: "Adding a more adaptive experience for missions."

I'm aware that Massive has a lot on their plate at the moment. However there is a key issue I want to address that is a major problem for most veteran players and will soon become apparent to newcomers. Now I am aware that the new summit game mode is just around the corner and that it actually implements most of the features I've wanted implemented for a while. However, I do not want it limited to just the summit game mode.

Now me and a friend talk a lot about this game and he brought up a solid point that I didn't realize has caused me to gradually lose interest in the game. This is that the current missions in the game have little variability. It is especially apparent to dedicated farmers of target loot. Now the story elements in the game are great and bring depth to the lore. However, this should not be the focus in normal of higher difficulty. Instead, missions should feel more centered towards the game aspect and the game play.

Firstly it'll be helpful to know what an encounter in this post means.

  • An encounter is an area where the player faces enemy NPC in any mission or stronghold
  • Has a set amount of enemy NPC that a player must defeat in order to progress
  • Enemies come in a predetermined set of waves
  • Also come from predetermined set of spawn points
  • All classes (or archetypes) of enemy NPCs are hard set for each mission

An example of this is the first boss encounter in Lincoln Memorial. There are 4 waves of enemies that spawn. Each wave has its own predetermined spawn point. Each enemy NPC class is hard set and will not change regardless of how ever many runs is done.

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This is a problem because if players have learned where every enemy will be, there would be no real sense of enjoyment after completing it a few times. This is why new players love the game so much because its a new experience every time they do a mission for the first time. After the first few runs however, that feeling dissipates and they gradually gravitate towards two outcomes. They either quit the game or stick with it and enjoy but hoping (in the back of their minds) it will get better in time. The ones that truly enjoyed the game believe that one day they'll add something that will bring back the enjoyment they had as new player.

Now, most of these changes should only be implemented to missions and to a smaller degree strongholds. Raids are meant to be the way they are and should not be changed due to the complications it will bring. So here are my suggested implementations to benefit the game:

Increase and randomize spawn locations in all encounters

After playing a mission long enough, players will quickly realize where the ads will come from. After a while this will make the game feel stale. By having more spawn points and randomizing the enemy spawns within encounters, fighting against enemy NPC will feel different every time.

Randomize NPC Classes (or Archetypes) for every encounter

There should be a set amount of ads that players should deal with in any given encounter. for example X amount of standard reds, Y amount of veterans, and Z amount of elites. What should change with every encounter, is the classes (or archetypes) of enemy NPC players deal with.

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Implement a more adaptive rogue agent encounter system

This one is pretty long but i have given a full breakdown in another post here

Add an "Adaptive Freestyle" option for missions

This wouldn't be called adaptive freestyle but here is the essential premise of this option:

  • Only available in challenging difficulty and above
  • Is not a directive but an option that can be set for all non invaded missions
  • Between Boss encounters all enemy NPC factions (except Black Tusk) can appear in missions
  • Boss encounters will always be the same faction for consistency of missions and boss loot drops
  • slightly increases chance of getting Rogue Agent Encounters (incentive to do it)
  • Introduces a chance for a Mini-Boss to appear during a mission. (Like bosses from Free roam or Bounties) (and also another incentive)

For example, Players will know that they have to deal with 5 waves of enemies in a room however there are 8 different spawn points. The enemies could be any hostile faction (Rikers, Hyenas, Outcasts, etc) .They will always deal with different assortment of tanks, assaults, rushers, medics, snipers, support, heavies etc. they will never be able to accurately predict where the ads will come from, which faction they have to fight, what enemy classes (or archetypes) they fight, or possibly have to deal with rogue agents and mini bosses.

Now my suggestion isn't probably anything original nor a quick fix to the many problems the game has, pointed out by the community. However, it should increase the enjoyment of missions, Increase player overall satisfaction with the game, and help with the current content drought that we are experiencing.

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Let me know your feedback and why you may or may not like the idea. Hopefully if a dev sees it they might actually consider it but i wont be holding my breath.


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