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Advice for a returning casual player.

Content of the article: "Advice for a returning casual player."

Hi! First time posting here. After trying to find something to do while I wait for my main games update (Destiny 2) I came back to Div 2 to see what it had to offer. A friend and I who also plays D2 with me, played right to the end of warlords, did a little messing about with the recal station and then left the game until now.

I just wanted to know if I'm 'playing the game right'. Yes you 'can play how you wanna play' ect but as I'm running out of things to do casualy I want to make sure I'm making the right steps to move into harder content.

My playstyle: Every other game Ive played I'm always the sniper with good aim and high damage. Division 2 threw that out the window for me. Right now I'm running around with Pummel KSG and AA12 and Firestarter. AA12 has been focused to be more around ripping armour off yellow and the KSG is just wiping the reds and purples. I'm still trying to find a way to properly utilize firestarter. Short clip here:

My gadgets and spec: I'm a Firewall with Striker shield and Flash Firefly. Rarely use the firefly other than to blind yellow while I rip off armour with the AA12. The shield is out all the time and I'm up in them guts with the KSG.

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Gear and basic stats: So Ive got a 6 red, 5 blue and 2 yellow distribution. 3 badger, 1 petrov (was planning on getting Bullet King before I took a break. Never happened as I can never matchmake), 2 Gila (with pointman). I feel like Hard is a good spot to be in. Challenging (at least back then) was a bit too tough for soloing with this setup.

Primary damage: 790k

Health: 330k

Armour 1.4 mil. Shield has 7.5 mil.

Side note: The only other gear combo I messed with was Hard Wired. I would run almost what I've got now but repair drone with higher tech instead of weapon damage but this was when my friend was on. If the shield drone died I would just flick the shield on and off and I would get it back so either he was being constantly healed or my shield was. That was fun but seemed to lack the set bonus increases of Badger and Gila. Currently LOVING Summit and farming out the new Hunters Fury set as that looked perfect for my playstyle.

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– Any other suggestions would be great.

– Just want to know if theres a mechanic I'm missing or just something I've overlooked.

– IDK if what I have now would be viable for raiding (that's why we both got into Div 2).

– How accessable is raiding? I see discovery mode but IDK what the population of that is now. I imagine its dead. Destiny 2's guided games kinda died on release. And unless you do week 1 raiding, it's really hard to find a group because you have got to have done it before or they wont take you. Is Div 2 mostly the same in that sense?

TY for sticking with me and hopefully I can get back into this and maybe even play it alongside Beyond Light. (honestly if D2 PvP is as crappy as it looks like it's gunna be, Imma need a new game and I'm hoping this could be it)


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