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Agent Dad reporting in again – just wanted to give a MASSIVE thanks to MASSIVE for TU11!

Content of the article: "Agent Dad reporting in again – just wanted to give a MASSIVE thanks to MASSIVE for TU11!"

Some context: I have always played games starting on Gameboy/Sega Mega Drive, later on PC and then consoles. I played TD1 for hundreds of hours, loved it. Bought TD2 at launch and love it as well. My game time usually lies between 2-6 hours a week due to private life (approaching 40, full-time job, married, 3 kids). I only play PVE, I liked DZ in TD1 but hated the PVP aspect in there – this resulted in me using a "hide and avoid"-playstyle in TD1 and completely avoiding the DZ in TD2. Recently I started playing coop with my brother on a new character in TD1 (currently level 24 and being destroyed be LMB) as well as recently changing my world setting to heroic in TD2 and am having an absolute blast!. Bought the WONY expansion as a money-thanks for all the free content in the game and loved it. Also, TU10 was the best so far IMO due to the many QoL- and improvements to the game. Overall I really appreciate Massive and the way they listen to the community, interact with the community and do their best to improve this already pretty great game. This behaviour and commitment alone is worth appreciation.

Now TU11 has dropped and I'm blown away. Not only is the summit mode really fun and offers a different feeling to the main game, but the season 3 track (can we quickly note that nothing important is gated behind a paywall?!), as well as new exotics/gear/items as well as a lot of patch updates (ie. rainbow loot), are brilliant. Can parts of the new mode be optimized? Of course! New rooms, objectives, tweaks here and there will be welcome and add to this mode – just as a reminder: the underground in TD1 was not brilliant from the start (neither was survival mind you). But the idea is awesome and I'm looking forward to the improvements it will be receiving.

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After playing for a while I am once again experiencing this "I can't want to get home from work, put the kids to bed and get a few hours into TD2"-feeling of "new game giddiness". For that, I want to thank the TD2 team for sticking with the game, making it better and better, and for putting out free content.

So once again I can only thank Massive for giving us this great game, listening to the community as well as continuously supporting and improving it. Thanks for your hard work and dedication – and while you may not get everything right in the first – the game started great and is getting better and better over time.

TLDR: Agent Dad loves TU11 and the summit and publicly thanks Massive.


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