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Another part to my division story

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Hey all it’s me again I finally got around to writing chapter 6 to my story and wanted to share it

If anyone has any writing tips and would like to share please do

So enjoy

Chapter 6- “Blackhawk down”

Napalm who was accompanied by Galveston and a strike team were crammed into a helicopter and flew around dc in the dead of night

“Man oh man and there we all were eating at our truck to pass the time and then BAM a gunshot cracked at Elijahs feet which caught him off guard then he raised his minigun And had the terrorist pinned down and brenner swung his rifle up was taking crack shots .” Galveston said and laughed “and myself I had half a chocolate bar from home in my mouth and my finger on the trigger.”

Napalm listened and laughed as he looked out the helicopter as the gunner looked at him and laughed “just DC air over the cap-“

Without warning a loud boom and a bright flash appeared on the ground and radar went off like crazy

The crew chief watched as the SAM flew up and over the capital

“This is ghostlight SAM Launch SAM Launch.” The pilot called out over the radio and then bam the tail was hit and the helicopter was spinning out hard

“This is ghostlight dead stick! I’ve lost all control going in hard .”

The entire crew including Galveston and napalm held on for dear life and crashed on a empty road and were out cold

Schaefer was over the comms trying desperately to get a response “Hey! Galveston! Ghostlight!? Napalm! Fuccck if anyone is awake and can hear this we have a QRF coming in quick hold on.”

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One of the gunners were tossed out of the helicopter and was laying on the street as the pilot heard Schaefer “B—boss get medics here ASAP.” The pilot barely spoke before a rifle shot rang out in the dead of night and broke the glass of the cockpit and killed him.

Both napalm and Galveston were awaken by the gunshot as they got their rifles ready

“The hell took us down?” Napalm asked and sat up in the downed helicopter as the crew chief groaned and helped up one of the strike team members

Schaefer’s voice echoed back through the comms”Napalm? “ he asked and Napalm responded “yeah boss ?.” He said and watched as another shot rang out and bounced off the armor of the Blackhawk

Schaefer was organizing a strike force from the camera view of a unmarked UAV “I’ve got a team that’s prepped and on it’s way gunship support is fueling up as I speak, just hold out.”

Galveston nodded “Right boss. Alright ! Listen up whoever is still standing get a gun and fight back “

Multiple of the strike team members nodded “yes sir !” They spoke as one grabbed the mini gun that faced the street and opened fire as the others returned fire with their rifles.

From the street a member of the true sons looked over “Ridgeway sir!?”the soldier asked and ridgeway nodded

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“Private what’s the situation here ?” He asked and the private nodded

“The SAMs knocked down a Blackhawk and we believe it to be the division but they seem way too trained .”

Ridgeway nodded “right keep up the fire and when Colonel Ramos comes tell him what you told me then he’ll start firing .”

The private nodded and watched ridgeway walk off.

Few minutes later

After the Colonel got there and was firing his M32 on the downed Blackhawk and his troops were moving in it was gonna be a bloodbath

From over the buildings a Blackhawk led by Elijah Sumners helicopter flew in “Galveston! It’s Sumner I'm in over head now I brought some random hobo lady .” He said and laughed

Wyvern rolled her eyes and when the Blackhawk touched down on the building she got out “He’s talking about me .” She said and got into her position and firing and dropping True sons

Galveston laughed and stopped firing “Oh holy shit I forgot you’re a half decent shot .” He teased and ducked down

Elijahs team landed in a alleyway and made it behind the truesons who kept up the fire

“Open fire !” Sumner ordered and they did

The Colonel heard the gunfire and turned to get a face full of .762 Minigun in his chest and face as he dropped dead

“The colonel is dead ! General ridgeway we need backu-“ and was cut off dead when napalm 2 tapped him.

“This is Watcher 0-1, sumner are we cleared to land ?” The pilot asked and the gunner opened fire on a group of true sons who were retreating

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“Watcher it’s clear prep for medivac.” He called out and the Blackhawk landed

Galveston and napalm dragged out both pilots , gunners and the strike team members to the chinnok and with help of the crew chief everyone was in the helicopter and flew back to base with a full load.


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