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Hello agents, I know I have seen some other posts like this in the past, and at the time, I was not really interested so I didn't follow them. Things have now changed so I wanted to ask the community for some guidance. First, I want to preface this with a few notes that I think are applicable. I have a small group of friends that I play with on D2, but at one time was a member of a top 5 clan, which ended up disbanding. The few people I play with all have over 6000 commendation scores, and with over 3000 hours of game time, I am one of the least experienced. We are all pretty good players though. Here is our issue however. When Operation Dark Hours released, we did what most did, at the time we merged a couple clans together and ran the raid until we had it down to a science. Most of us had hundreds of completions and some had well over a thousand by the time WONY was released. By the time Operation Iron Horse was released, the clan was disbanned, there were people that never came back after the ban wave and some that left the clan well before because they were sick of getting a hard time because they didn't want to raid all the time. People in the clan would get angry with us, if they wanted to raid and we were wanting to do something else. We could be in the middle of a mission, and then someone would send an invite to a raid, then get angry with us for not dropping the mission immediately to join the raid. The few of us that are still together, didn't want to go through the headaches and hastles of meeting new players all over again, and going through what we did for Dark Hours just to find people to raid with. We also do not want to be expected to raid over and over hundreds of times. We are trying to find a place to look for other players that have interest in running the raid from time to time, as we want to get some of the gear locked behind the raid. We are always willing to help people and such, we just don't want to be expected to raid with others all of the time without question which is why we haven't looked for other clans to join. So bottom line is that two or three of us are wanting to find a group of players willing to help us out. We are good players and are not asking to be carried, as we can all hold our own. We just need other players willing to guide us a little if needed in the beginning, but mostly just provide us with enough players to run the raid, as two or three of us aren't enough….lol. We play on Xbox and I have looked at LFG a lot, and rarely see anyone even looking to run Iron Horse, let alone people looking for others that don't already have a bunch of clears and what have you. If you have any guidance on where to find others willing to play, please let me know. As a general rule we play mostly during the late afternoons and then usually from late evening until early the next morning. I work graveyard shifts so I tend to play at the time of day when I would be at work, and after I wake up during the day. We are all mature players, and we are easy to get along with. We are strong players but not elitists. We are also all the type of players that are more than willing to help other players with anything they need help with, as we have all done it all, except for Iron Horse. Again, I assure you we are high level players that can handle the Iron Horse raid, we just didn't want to go through the BS before. Now, we all want the blue prints. Again, if you have any guidance on how to find a group please let me know. I will be trying to LFG on Microsoft in the next few days, but would prefer if I can find someone on here that knows a better way to find people. It would be even better if someone on here had a group that plays late at night and would be willing to help a couple of us out. Thanks in advance for all of your time.

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