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Beat the Summit, disappointed at the lack of reward/incentive, How i would’ve designed the rewards..

Content of the article: "Beat the Summit, disappointed at the lack of reward/incentive, How i would’ve designed the rewards.."

I love this game for some reason im in over 1900+ hours and have basically completed every inch of content this game has offered up, But whoever is designing this game has a clear lack and disconnect on what players want and how to tie incentive and replayability together.

Let's break this down into the simplest way possible. INCENTIVE IS EVERYTHING. It's the reason why we as humans pretty much do anything.. throwing some exclusive exotics and such just doesnt create a long lasting incentive and that seems to always be the case with any new content.

In the time ive dumped into this game, i can honestly say that of my 11 current builds/loadouts and all the title updates i've endured, there's not a single build i've been able to fully 100% min/max yet (aside from gearsets cuz they're ez). I mean..most of my builds are 90-95% to min/max and a measly 0.8% isnt going to change much, but thats not the point..the point is your most dedicated players keep playing because ultimately the end goal for every player is to get their builds to a 100% min/max state. This is the basis to our incentive and The Summit was a perfect opportunity to cater to this true end-game and replayability.

This is what i would change. No checkpoint bullshit, you always start from floor 1 and work to 100. If you fail/wipe you lose everything and restart, sounds harsh..but hear me out, remember..we are building this around the incentive explained above.

Every 10th floor completion, you get rewards. For example, floor 10 rewards you gear crafting mats, floor 20 gives you weapon crafting mats, floor 30 gives you brand mats. Each individual floor enemies drop misc loot.

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Every 10th floor you complete, you are given an option to leave with your accumulated rewards or keep going for better rewards, high risk but high rewards as the floors get harder and theres more at risk to lose.

Floor 40 asks you what brand of gear you desire (ex, choose Providence)

Floor 50 asks you what type of weapon you desire (ex, choose AR)

Floor 60 rewards you with x10 pieces of prov gear

Floor 70 rewards you with x10 Assault Rifles

Floor 80 increases the attribute rolls/quality on the selected gear

Floor 90 increases the attribute rolls/quality on the selected weapons

Floor 100 further increases attribute/quality high chance of god rolls, x2 guaranteed exotics, doubles all the materials amounts, handful of misc loot. Along with all the loot you've gathered from enemies on each floor.

Understand that this is just a rough concept, obviously im just throwing out an unrefined design here, but the high risk high reward structure would create a ton of replayability and actually feed into the incentive and reason we continue to play this game, it would give us a better sense of control over what we want and actually have a better chance at obtaining that 100% min/max build with enough determination.


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