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Best Damage talent for Backpacks??

Hey Agents! Recently after some YouTube videos, clan discussions, and other posts on here, I would like to know what damage talent you use on the backpack (if you use one) and why.

I’ve been switching out between these 4 talents and here are the pros and cons that I’ve found when using each one:

1) Vigilance- Increases total weapon damage by 25%. Taking damage disables this buff for 4s.

Pros: this talent can give a nice straight damage increase, and works well with most weapons, especially MMRs and rifles. You can increase your burst damage by a significant amount when the buff is active

Cons: Once you take damage, that four seconds can be a long time, especially in pvp. You might have to have a conservative play style to get the most out of this buff. Not necessarily for the aggressive

2) Companion- While you are within 5m of an ally or skill, total weapon damage is increased by 15%.

Pros- you can have a near-constant damage increase while you stay near a hive,drone, turret, teammate, etc. Even while taking damage you can still have a solid 15% increased damage. Stays mostly active during pvp.

Cons: Requires you to stay near a teammate or to run a specific skill to keep the buff active. In pvp, players can EMP your skill and disable both your skill and the buff. Good talent but can also be situational

3) Concussion-Headshots increase total weapon damage by 10% for 1.5s. 5s with marksman rifles. Headshot kills increase total weapon damage by 15% for 10s. NOTE-some YouTubers claim this talent gives multiplicative damage and you can get 25% weapon damage when both parts of the buff are active. I’ve been unable to confirm.

Pros: if you are on PC or are just good at hitting headshots, this talent can be super nice, as you’ll have a near-constant damage increase and don’t have to worry about running a skill or not taking damage. Easy to proc if you just hit headshots.

Cons: if you are a console player like myself, keeping the buff up can be tricky sometimes, especially in pvp with strafing and mobile players. Can be difficult to land consistent headshots at range with an dmg or shotgun.

4) Versatile- Amplifies total weapon damage for 10s when swapping between your primary and secondary weapons if they are different. 35% for shotguns and smgs. 35% for rifles and snipers for distant enemies. 10% for legs and ARs.

Pros: this talent can give you massive burst damage if used correctly. I’ve found that this works super well with shotguns and smgs. A critted out shotgun build with this talent can 1-2 shot players with 1.8 million+ armor. (Easy 1 taps against lady death/intimidate players that rush you)

Cons: forces you to switch weapons to proc the full damage, in pvp can get you killed easy when trying to swap. Only effective imo when a shotgun or smg.

Overall I enjoy all of these talents for different obvious purposes. Concussion and vigilance I feel fit my play style and I think I get the most damage from them. What talent gives you guys the most damage and what do you like using? Genuinely Curious.


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