Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Best hidden quotes in D2 tied to Exotic and Named weapons and gears


*Scorpio This weapon fires debilitating venomous rounds inspired by the Scorpion (specifically Hottentots). The weapon developed in conjunction with DARPA failed to get approval due being in contravention of the Hague Convention of 1899.

*Baker's Dozen "This rifle saw me through the war, May she now see you through yours." -Sgt. Rolland T. Baker

*Eagle Bearer Inscription reads: "For tireless defense and service in the wake of our shared national tragedy, we present this to Odessa Sawyer. May she always rise to meet the challenges in her path". -The people of the Theatre Settlement

*Lady Death "Can't take our freedom? That's a lie. Your freedom can always be taken, the only thing standing between you and tyranny is the barrel of your gun." -2A Enthusiast

*Bullet King Pour one out for my bro,. If he'd used this, he'd never have run out of bullets." -The Bullet Queen

*Nemesis "I watch the Watchmen" -Phaedra "Puck" Lao, Black Tusk sniper

*The Ravenous Geri and Freki, hounds of Odin, roam the battlefield eternal: greedy for the corpses of those who have fallen. Go forth, warrior of Odin, and hunt: slate their thirst.

*Mechanical Animal "The perfect soldier, a blending of man and machine, and fully automatic." -Unknown Black Tusk executive during a conference call with investors

*Sweet Dreams "Who are you to disagree?" -Unknown Outcast Engineer

*Capacitor "My two favourite things are: cut and crossed wires, and electric fires. Luckily those two tend to go hand in hand. Let's spark it up, then burn it down." -Former Black Tusk technician

*The Chameleon The Chameleon is coated in a light-refracting technology designed by a DARPA research team.

*Backfire "For only those who have suffered may decree the suffering of others!" -Outcast Creed

*The Chatterbox "They say I never know when to shut the hell up, but that's just the spice talking." -Dime. Hyenas concilmember

*Pestilence "You will surfer as we suffered." -Former Quarantined Outcast

*Mantis "Camouflage is about more than just blending in. You ever heard the term 'aggressive mimicry?' Anyone can hide and wait for the perfect kill, but why wait when you can seduce." -Sid "Maneater" Madison

*Diamondback "I don't give a damn if it's not an actual Diamondback. I'll call it whatever I want, and I like the name." -Manning National Zoo reptile keeper

*Merciless "Some people say I lack empathy. They're wrong. What I lack is mercy." -Zodiac. Hyenas Councilmember

*Boomstick "I've got two barrels, one for both of ya!" -Drunken Idiot

*Cuèlebre Inscription reads: Treasure your life. Defend it with this.

*Enforcer "Breach and clear!"

*The Mop "Wet work is messy business, and some cleanup jobs require a big mop." -Marco "The Mop" Mociano

*The Send-Off When you leave this world, all you hear is white noise.

*Tsunami The tidal wave stops for nothing, suffocating fire and life, when it rolls in.

*Burn Out "You want me to pick up another shift? Well guess what? Fuck this shit. I'm out." -Krazinski, before "The Incident"

*Glory Daze "Nothing lasts forever" -The Balancer

*Invisible Hand "Do I look like charity to you? Market forces at work – you want what I've got, so let's make a deal." -Cassie Mendoza, the Gunrunner

*Manic "Just one more time Dragov. Call me a manic pixie dream girl just one… more… time…" -Vivian Conley

*Pyromaniac Sometimes the world doesn't burn fast enough.

*Savage Wolverine "Cornering a vicious animal is certain to anger the beast. My suggestion? Don't do that." -Zookeeper at the Manning National Zoo

*Shield Splinterer Inscription reads: The direct approach is best.

*The Railsplitter "Took this off of one of your dead colleagues. No hard feelings?' -Cassie Mendoza, the Gunrunner

*Cold Relations "You're going to have to pull this from my cold, dead hands." "Sounds enjoyable, don't mind if I do." -Duchess

*Dark Winter "It was supposed to be an exercise. Turns out… we weren't prepared." -Faye Lau

*Emeline's Guard Inscription reads: For loyal service, Emeline grants reward. Keep her and the cause forever in your thoughts.

*Safety Distance "I don't throw grenades for my health, I throw 'em to watch the bang. Yeah, fuck you, it's cool to watch the explosions." -Dash

*Swap Chain "Just take it out, light them up and make sure to stick the landing no matter what! It's not rocket surgery!"

*The Grudge "It is all about power now, Power and survival. They are done but I am not. And you won't be either, not if you work with me." -Aaron "Vanguard" Keener

*Carnage "Time to paint this town red"

*Good Times "What you want is to develop that muscle memory, Unload, Reload, Unload, Reload. After all that training? That's when you have a good time."

*New Reliable "Whoever said 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' clearly never had any hobbies."

*Quiet Roar "Making a big show of things is for amateurs. A real bad ass doesn't need theatrics, a real bad motherfucker freezes your blood just entering the room. The lion doesn't need to roar to make all other animals go hiding." -Raoul "The Lion" Fernando

*Sleipnir Inscription reads: The best among gods and men, who bears it's rider to the land of the dead.

*Tabula Rasa "New uniform, a fresh mag, trousers and a pair of socks. A clean slate is always inspiring." -Lieutenant Kelly

*Commando "Look, I know you're brave, but don't go jumping into a fight naked." -Cassie Mendoza. The Gunrunner

*Designated Hitter "You want me to be your designated hitter, Ridgeway? Convince me, then. Based on your reputation, signing up with you might be bad for my health." -Capt. Briggs to Ridgeway

*Ekim's Long Stick You wouldn't poke a honet's nest with a short stick, would you?

*Pinprick "Strike fast, strike hard. Rinse, repeat." -Hyena marksman

*The Darkness "Cover conceals truth; deception conveys falsehood. Cover induces nonaction, deception induces action."

*The White Death "I miss the snow." -S.H.

*Artist's Tool "You call it war, we call it art." -The Hyenas

*Everlasting Gaze "Keep your eye on the price, boyo. Steady.. steady.. Now!" -NYCP Instructor

*Harmony "Let your weapon do the singing, but never forget your backup vocals." -Agent Brink

*Surge "The Machine is learning, We're not." -A Transhumanist Perspective on Planned Obsolescence

*Black Friday "Fire sale! One day only, everything must go." -Saint Alex to his crew

*The Virginian "Get the fuck off my land. That means you, Now." -DC area resident

*Lullaby "Sleep tight motherfucker." -Roach, Hyenas Concilmember

*Ruthless "Maintaining power requires one to be ruthless. Absolutely ruthless." -Mayhem, Hyenas Concilmember


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