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Best way go fix rainbow rolls without killing hybrids and in some occasion this makes it easier to get some special pieces (IMO)

Content of the article: "Best way go fix rainbow rolls without killing hybrids and in some occasion this makes it easier to get some special pieces (IMO)"

Make the Core Attribut RNG with the changes to the Minor Attributs that were listed yesterday. Let me explain on how this could be a good change or even a better solution then one getting tested soon.

So let's say you are farming for a all red chc/chd Groupo piece. You got a 33% Chance to get 2 red rolls and one of them has a 50% Chance to give you one of the 2 red attribut you need so you can roll the 3rd one.

As a comparison: Right now you got a 8.3% Chance to get a red in one of the Attribut slots. But you top slot is always red.

While this doesn't seem so great this really starts to shine in cases where you want to roll the Core Attribut. Because right now for let's say a chc/chd with armor Matador you need 2 of the stats twice a 8.3% chance to be right and only that specific roll will work.

Well with my solution you can now have 2 rolls you can get and therefore doubling the chances of getting that piece. So you could get a tripple red roll like you need now if you want a armor/chc/chd roll on your matador or you could get Armor as a main stat with the 2nd minor attribut having a 9.1% chance of beeing a red so you can reroll the first minor attribut.

But this aint all of it. Well let's say you want a tripple yellow Groupo for your explosive dmg build. Well now it has a 33% chance to drop with 2 yellows were in this case one of them is maxed because it's a skill tier so getting that piece will be a lot easier and not as hard as getting really specific roll like you need with the armor/chc/chd matador this patch.

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You probably are wondering how every piece can be easier to get without a down side? Well there is one but instead of the expense of hybrid builds it on the expense of actual rainbow loot. Well getting a Yellow/Red/Blue gear piece will be super hard now you will need a really specific roll so you can reroll one of the stats to the desired one. Basically getting a actual rainbow loot gear piece is as hard as getting a armor/chc/chd matador backpack this patch, because you need 2 specific rolls so you can reroll the 3rd. But lets be honest there no build, no case nothing that make you want a stat of each color and eitherway it's only a small nerf to it and not impossible.

I ofc didn't do all the specific math because i just didn't have time, but in my head it seems to work as a solution. I hope the Dev's consider looking into this. Same with you guys that read it ๐Ÿ™‚


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