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Breaking down the different types of builds Division 2

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Good morning,

Would anyone be willing to take a moment of their time to clear up some questions for me in regard to the different builds types?

I am primarily a solo PVE cat, though I do play with other randos from time to time, I'm assuming any variation would only suggest a minor adjustment.

What I assume so far (It is most certainly entirely wrong):

A straight glass build

This build most likely fixates on:

  • Offensive Talents
  • CHC/CHD/HSD/WD (respectively)
  • Red mod slots
  • Red attributes

An offensive / skill build

This build most likely fixates on:

  • Offensive Talents / Skill focused Talents
  • CHC/CHD/HSD/WD (respectively)
  • Equal mixture of both Red/Yellow attributes

A tanky build

This build most likely fixates on:

  • Offensive Talents / QoL Talents (Reloading) / Talents which make up for lack of Red attributes
  • Unsure of item specific attributes other than Mostly blue
  • Armor / Armor Regen / Health (respectively)

As you can see, I'm not 100% confident in the different types of builds I have available to me, and which builds will short-change me as I move deeper into the end game.

Here are some questions I have for you, numbered accordingly for easy reference:

  1. When it comes to building a sustainable build, is it crucial to focus one stat over another (i.e Armor over Regen|health)?
  2. Must one respect the trade-off between attributes (e.g Skill attribute at the expense of a damage attribute) and are some trade-offs more detrimental than others (e.g Armor regen at the costly expense of damage output ∴ the utility of armor regen no longer justifies the cost)
  3. When comprising a build that is geared toward a particular style (i.e offensive, skill, defense), must one still consider a minimal amount investment in the inferior attributes, or is it likely that one will commit all skills/talents/attributes toward one style (e.g "I plan on a high damage output build at the expense of added sustainability…" ∴ "…all my skills/talents/attributes will be red."
  4. True or False: Having a completely balanced build will make you perform equally poorly at end game.
  5. True or False: High damage output is the only winning condition at end game, and that comes at the expensive of lower armor/regen, lower HP pool, and low skill utility.
  6. If 5 then: (true or false) Skill utility and high damage output is interchangeable.
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Boiled down to nuts and bolts, I just want to know if I can build a damn build that has either high armor or armor regen, but I don't know if the expense of low damage output is justified.



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