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BUG PROGRESS: Foundry Bulwark does NOT work in PVE but works in PVP

I am happy to announce I made some progress on figuring out the problem with the Foundry Bulwark 4p talent not working in PVE.

In the following videos, I have the same Foundry build with 1,8M amor and 80k armor regen/s. Mathematically, It takes exactly 23 seconds to go from 0 to full armor without activating the talent. Remember, this 23s is the base regen time without the help of the 4p talent.

In PVE the regen time stays the exact same no matter how much of damage I take and how fast I take it. The regen rate stays slow, constant (even when I take huge instant grenade hits) as if the talent is not making any difference.

In PVP though! Thats what Im talking about. Yes I take damage a bit quicker in PVP, but the difference is night and day. In the DZ, the second my shield starts taking damange, we clearly see the regen rate accelerating considerably to a point where my regen time drops from 23s to 16s. THIS is more in line with how the talent shoud work and this has nothing to do with what we see in PVE.

If it was working in PVE, we would see a time to fully regen somewhere between 23s, which is the base time without the talent, and 16s which is the absolute most damage I could take. I'd be happy with a 19-20s in PVE with the damage I take. But this is not the case. There was no difference at all.


No matter how much damage I take:

  • 1.8M armor depleted in less than 2s by legendary NPCs and robot tanks.
  • 13M shield depleted and broken in 8s
  • Grenade hits that do millions of instant damage

Realistically, I think it is difficult to take more damage than that without dying (Took me many attempts to pull this off as I instantly died multiple times when my armor broke)

The time to regen never drops below 23s, ever.

Amor and shield break at 0:15 and armor fully repairs at 0:38 = 23s.

I agree in the video above, I did not take damage as fast as in the PVP footage below. But this was close and probably the most amount of damage one can take against NPCs, including the grenade hits. That means that the results should be somewhere between 23s and 16s. The fact that this amount of damage did not drop the regen time by even 0.5s is problematic.

Amor breaks at 0:4 and fully repais at 0:27 = 23s

The build I used is displayed at the end of the video above.


We can clearly see the armor regen accelerating significantly the second my shield starts taking damage.

The time to regen drops from 23s to 16s, as expected from the talent.

Armor breaks at 0:7 and fully repairs at 23 = 16s

However Massive phrases that talent and what are the obscure math behind it, I think that it's reasonnable to say that the amount of damage I took in PVE should make a difference, even the slightest. But It always takes me 23s to fully repair, no more, no less, and it leaves me with the impression that the talent makes no difference in PVE.

At this point, either the talent is bugged and it needs fixing, or the talent is working perfectly but is so weak that it doesnt even drop the regen time by 0.5s in the most realistically extreme conditions. And so it would still need fixing.

u/CCloak (Im tagging you here because you made sensible arguments on my last comment and forced me to do even more testing so your input is valuable to this discussion)

What are your thoughts on that? Could you provide us with footage of the set clearly working?

Edit 1: I really want this set to work in PVE. I want to be convinced the talent works fine just like in PVP so I can move on. In other words, I hope I'm wrong but I test and test and I cant find a single situation where the talent makes the slightest difference in PVE.

Edit 2: FYI, the latest response from Chris Gansler is this: "We have identified the visual bug and will have a fix for it in the next client update. We haven't been able to reproduce any cases where the effects are actually not working"

Edit 3: Just recieved this from Ubisoft support about the bug report I submitted 2 weeks ago. They say it is fixed now. When is "now"? TU10.1, TU11? It will be interesting to see.

Edit 4: Here is my previous post comparing the same build but with the 3 piece vs the 4 piece.

They were performing equally and the results were the same.


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