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Classified Assignments… are pointless as they are and should be integrated into the basic game-loop.

Content of the article: "Classified Assignments… are pointless as they are and should be integrated into the basic game-loop."

If i counted right there are 8 "Classified Assignements".

I don't quite remember but i guess they were some Deluxe Edition content or some $$$ scheme nonsense like that.
I don't care anymore where they came from, it is ancient history at this point.
Division 2 makes its money by selling battle passes and lootboxes and skins and add-ons these days.

So, i have these missions in my game, and what did i actually do with them?
I played them once, some two or three times to get the most pointless reward of them all, a Backpack trophy (that is hidden behind some fun-to-figure-out puzzles).

The game gives me no reason to ever go back and play these 8 missions again (unlike literally EVERYTHING ELSE), no incentive, no daily/weekly quest, no Black Tusk invasions, no Manhunts, these missions are treated by the Developers as if they do not even exist in the game.

This is CONTENT the game has that goes completely unused, because a portion of the playerbase might not have it.

I say, give these missions to everyone (who cares at this point?), it's been more than long enough and they made their money for whatever ultimate giggity deluxe edition bundle they were part of, the game is only selling now when it is on sale anyway.
Just give them to everyone and properly integrate them into the standard gameplay-loop like all the other missions.
This would add variety to Endgame simply by utilizing what is already there anyway.

I'm replaying the same missions over and over again the entire week anyway, i'm getting to the point again now where i play the same mission 3 times a week and i'm getting bored and annoyed at some of them because they simply pop up too often.
(i even recently bought Division 1 on sale and am playing that on the side, just to have a change of scenery… and that game is sooo much more clunky than Div2)

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Throw these 8 Missions that go completely unused into that pool and it might be 10% or so less repetitive.

…adapting these 8 missions into the basic game loop would certainly be cheaper, easier and faster than making 8 completely new missions and i bet most of you haven't been to any of them in ages either, there just isn't any reason to go there, except for a change of scenery maybe (or am i missing something?).

And to make it even more absurd, these Classified Assignments can only be played once a week, there is a COOLDOWN on mission content… what is even the point of that?

Actually i still have not done the 8th mission, everytime i run around that corner i'm busy with some other daily quest or whatever and just find it funny that i still haven't gotten around to knocking that one out… but i don't want to do it right now, maybe next time, i'm at 362 hours playtime according to uPlay and the game never told me to actually go play that last mission.

It just feels like such a waste of development time to not use them as a more integrated part of the game.

I don't think i need to explain the monetary incentive for the money desperate Dev Studio? Or do i? A repetitive looter shooter game to have more repeatable content = less bored players are playing players, playing players are potentially paying players = profit. )


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