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Classified Gear Sets

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Some ideas that I think would make for awesome 6 piece classified sets:

Love to hear your thoughts.

True Patriot:

5 – 15% damage to armor

6 – "Patriotic Duty"

In addition to the Full Flag buffs/debuffs, have additional bonuses depending on the current rotation of your flag to enemies with a full flag:
Red – Deal 20% extra damage to the target
White – Boosts armor repair by 4% and grants bonus armor that is removed 2s after damaging the target
Blue – Gradually reduce the cooldown of your skills and skills of team members within 10m of you

"Mark of Freedom"
Enemies will a full flag explode in a greater radius and give one random flag colour to all enemies it hits.

Hard Wired

5 – 5% skill efficiency

6 – "Decisive Deployment"

Activating Feedback Loops builds power. After building power 5 times you receive a stack that is consumed when you deploy a skill, overcharging that skill.


5 – 10% armor

6 – "Integrated Weave"

Your shield no longer has its own health and damage to it is given to you. Gain all shield bonuses to your armor when your shield is deployed.

"Adaptive Mesh"

When deploying your shield gain stacks that give 3% damage resistance for every % of armor regeneration you have up to 5 stacks (including those awarded by the 4 piece talent).

Eclipse Protocol

5 – 10% status effects

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6 – "Virulent Decay"

Enemies that are killed by status effects spread by Indirect Transmission (4 piece) add a stack for 10 seconds that increases the radius of skills and duration of status effects spread by Indirect Transmission

Fog of War

5 – 10% skill efficiency

6 – "Healing Vibes"

Team members that are healed by you (second part of 4 piece) gain a healing aura that heals team members within 5m of them for 50% of that amount. Team members who have full armor are overhealed by the aura.

Tip of the Spear

5 – 20% swap speed

6 – "Designated Target"

Enemies hit by your specialisation weapon are marked for death for 10s and take 15% more damage from all sources. Team members that shoot a target that is marked for death gives them 2% armor regen until that enemies dies or the debuff expires.

Killing a target before the debuff expires returns 10s to the Aggressive Recon talent timer and gives all members who shot the target 10% armor.

Negotiators Dilemma

4 – 15% reload speed

5 – "Fear Tactics"

Enemies within 8m of a target who dies from a mark (not the enemy you're shooting" is blinded and marked with the Fear debuff. Enemies that have Fear take 50% more damage from the mark.

Ongoing Directive

4 – 10% Fire rate

5 – "Shrapnel Effect"

Shooting an enemy with hollow point bullets adds a stacking debuff to the target, max of 10 stacks. Stacks make the target take 5% extra status effect per stack. Stacks also create a radius of 5m – 15m that debuff enemies caught within. Debuffed enemies take 50% of the bleed damage inflicted by enemies with stacks.

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Shooting debuffed enemies gives them all the stacks of other enemies with stacks that they are in the radius of.

** note. The hope is that this introduces a status effect spread mechanic that assists in making Ridgeway's Pride less niche.

Aces and Eights (1/2)

4 – Killing an enemy flips +1 card.

5 – "Crowded Chamber"

Shots do additional damage depending on how full the amplified shot counter is.

5+ amplified shots grants 20% extra damage

10+ amplified shots grants 40% extra damage

Aces and Eights (2/2)

4 – 15% reload speed

5 – "Impatient Prospects"

Holding the reload button loads amplified stacks into your equipped marksman rifle up to a maximum of 5.



4 – 10% damage to armor

5 – "Community Feedback"

Every 10 stacks gives 1% armor regen.


Other cool things:
A buff beacon as a specialisation weapon

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD A SUPPORT STATION – Why do the Black Tusk get one and we don't 🙁

Also an additional buff for the Bullet King to help balance its damage:
"Hot Magazine"
Firing the Bullet King for 5s overheats the muzzle. When the muzzle is overheated, shots have a chance to set their target on fire.

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