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Core attribute/skills retweak ideas

Yet another brainstorming of myself, maybe a wishful thinking but hear me out!

Imagine having a skill that scale to your cores (not only yellow/blue but also red). Also making core attribute not only for one specific trait increments

Can be good for diverse build to be introduced

Examples of per core retweak: (max attribute)

Red core: tweak to make grenade useful, they are quite useless

  • normal – +15% weapon damage
  • tweaked – +15% weapon damage & +7.5 grenade damage (concussion); 4 cores unlock cooking of grenade for 5 sec max (can be tweak for another suggestions, maybe good also for other cores)

Blue core: tweak for more tankiness

  • normal – +170k armor
  • tweaked – +170k armor (edit suggestion: +350k) & +75k health (edit: +150k); 4 cores unlock incoming health regeneration for about 100% or so (scale how fast it regen) +3 armor kit, also all health mods should be percentage (10% per slot/max)

Yellow core: tweak for more versatility

  • normal – +1 skill tier
  • tweaked – +1 skill tier & +1 grenades (added radius and status effect if grenade has it)(can compliment acosta go bag alot); 4 cores unlock third skill slot (maybe can be bound on combining skill button like l1+r1 button on ps?/also on keyboard can be bound to other control) and also no locked variety of skill (meaning we can use same category skill with different variant, like 2 drones)
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Skills core tiers tweak examples (can't put on all skills yet as i haven't experienced all but here's some) aside from shield scaling with yelloeand/or blue, i think its good to have it also benefit red build in such a way it diverse the possibility if combination of cores, also some minor tweak for yellow tiers: overclock tier is still active only for yellow for uniqueness of its role

Terms: my made up terms for tiers; yellow – skill tier (same/ or maybe engineer tier? Djnno, sounds cool tho), blue – vanguard tier, red – berserk tier

Repair drone:

  • yellow core: + skill tiers (same as before plus amping some regen radius, can accomodate teammates within radius provided near you/drone) plus resistance to jam per tiers
  • blue core: + vanguard tier, amplifying incoming repair and health regeneration
  • red core: +berserk tier, no armor regen but +15% health regeneration (scales with cores) and giving 5% leeching armor/armor steal (like clutch but not limited to crits, only succesful shots accumulated) (scales with weapon damage)

Defender drone:

Terms: deflected damage is the damage taken, reducing damake intake; deflection rate is how the shots of enemy can enter the magnetic field of defender drone to penetrate (for example 90% DR means 10% of the shot only can penetrate; 1/10 bullets)

  • yellow core: + skill tiers (same as before) plus resistance to jam per tier
  • blue core: +vanguard tier, deflection rate is capped at 10% (meaning 90% of all incoming attacks is attracted to the tank, like a threat amp) but deflected damage is increased per tier up to 90%) duration same as 1 skill tier
  • red core: +berserk tier, deflected damage is capped 10%, but deflected rate and duration scales (maybe a bit lower than yellow skill tiers') capped up to 60% deflection rate
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Crusader shield revamp

  • yellow core: skill tier is the same as before but much faster cooldown and amps active regen
  • blue core: vanguard tier scales the threat and damage reduction plus the default scaling (shield health and regen)
  • red core: berserk tier scale stability and/or accuracy per core

This could make diverse builds than ever (should be implemented on pts to retweak values and percentages)

Haven't thought about other skills, but id love to hear what you guys can share, any comments and suggestions are welcome

Thank you for reading



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