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Currently Skyscrapper/Summit feels like the bare bones skeleton of something great before all the fun and excitement has been added. Some suggestions.

Content of the article: "Currently Skyscrapper/Summit feels like the bare bones skeleton of something great before all the fun and excitement has been added. Some suggestions."

I see two major issues at the moment.

  1. The loot loop for Summit couldn't be any less exciting or engaging if they tried.
  2. There appears to be almost no stand out floors or encounters.

How to fix loot.

Bosses drop keys, beating the Hunters on the 100th floor unlocks access to the Hunter Armory. Here you spend those keys unlocking crates of ANY of the targeted loot categories, even exotic caches which are much more expensive.

Each set of 10 floors has its own different targeted loot each day to broaden the chance of loot players are interested in. However boss keys and the Hunter Armory still offset the possibility a player is not after any of the target loot available for the day.

Difficulty level is set for the entire building so the 80 floors that are currently either too easy or too hard aren't completely irrelevant, this also means everyone, not just the hardcore capable of Legendary difficulty, can experience the Hunter fight on the 100th floor and gain access to the Hunter Armory.

Directives are OPTIONAL and can be turned on or off for extra keys from bosses.

How to fix lack of excitement/random encounters.

Chance for special floors. How about a food court, bar, restaurant, bank/vault, nightclub, recreational/entertainment hall, shopping mall, gym, casino, theater, garden, hotel, research lab, workshop etc. All of these special rooms would also have a named boss for an extra key drop because that would make them even more exciting to see. Don't be stingy with these special floors.

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A major problem Underground has is that the special rooms are so insanely rare you basically never saw them. From UG level 1-30 I saw all the special rooms combined a total of 5 times from memory. The other problem was these special rooms increased your chance of good loot by almost nothing. Nobody enjoys or is excited by stingy loot, one of the major reasons Diablo 3's randomly generated rift running is fun and exciting is due to how generous the loot is. I still don't want showers of loot in the middle of my runs, just don't be stingy with extras from random encounters/rooms.

Chance for smaller Hunter ambushes giving you an opportunity for more keys or an exotic during a 10 floor run. Ambushes could be lighting going out and flickering or returning dim, fire sprinklers coming on and belting out enough water to lower vision like heavy rain does etc. There is currently a sprinkler room but it doesn't obscure vision at all.

More use of lighting. The lighting in The Division is IMO the best in the industry, nighttime Division levels are an absolute visual treat, Coney Island is a perfect example, hell even the Zoo looks amazing at night. The only lighting setup Summit seems to use is blind you by pointing lights in the direction you are coming from and dim but not dark lighting.

Rouge agent encounters should always drop a few named items if they don't already.

As a third minor issue, the end of run boss fights are very underwhelming only being a generic named enemy, but honestly if you fixed/added the above it probably wouldn't stand out as much.

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Please Massive, give Summit the attention/resources it deserves to be the exciting and engaging random mode it could be.


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