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Datamined targeted loot drop chances and an explanation on how it works

  • Targeted loot is an extra drop

Something very important to remember, targeted loot is an extra drop, it is not possible for a targeted drop to drop on it’s own. Targeted loot can only drop when a loot source drops any kind of loot in the first place, as explained by the developer Nikki during sotg when they first talked about targeted loot. The confusion around this comes from the fact that the game marks any drop you get that happens to be the same as the targeted allocation you’re playing in.

For a drop to be from the targeted loot pool source, there first has to be a normal drop. This is the chance that is now being increased when using directives.

For example, let's say you’re playing in a backpacks targeted loot zone and the targeted loot drop chance is 0%. It will still be possible to get backpacks to drop from the normal drop rates and the game will still mark them as targeted loot.

For another example, let’s say you’re in the backpacks targeted loot zone again and the chance for a drop from the targeted loot source is 100%. This does not mean every npc you kill is going to drop targeted loot. It means that if a npc is going to drop loot it will also have an extra drop that will be backpacks.

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As a last example, let's say the chance at targeted is still 100% and you’re in the backpacks zone. You kill 2 enemies and they both drop loot, it is possible for you to get 3 backpacks while only getting 2 targeted loot drops (the game will mark it as if you got 3 targeted loot pieces). This is because the 2 non targeted loot drops can be pretty much anything in the game, still including backpacks.

  • Chance to get a drop from the targeted loot pool source

The following drop chances are datamined from the files.

Non-named npcs (open world, dark zone and missions)

story/normal: 20%, hard: 30%, Challenging: 40%, heroic: 50%, Legendary:60%

Named npcs (open world, dark zone and missions)

Any difficulty: 100%

Control point and summit chests

Any difficulty: 100%

Loot containers (open world, dark zone and missions)

Any difficulty: 15%

  • Change to drop chance due to directives

Every directive you activate adds 3% chance like this as explained by the devs on sotg: (normal chance) + (number of directives * 3).

So for example on heroic with 4 directives this will be (50) + (4*3)= 50 + 12 = 62% to get a targeted loot piece when a non named npcs drops loot. (15) + (4*3)= 15 + 12 = 27% to get a targeted loot piece from a chest.

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And just to clarify one last time, the chance depended on a source dropping normal loot in the first place. Without a normal drop the chance at targeted loot is 0%.


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