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Dear All The Complainers: You have received you’re money’s worth.

Content of the article: "Dear All The Complainers: You have received you’re money’s worth."

You paid either anywhere from $59-$79 for this game (depending on CAD/USD). Some of you bought it for $3 while on sale. Some of you may have got it for 50% off at some point during another promotion. You have poured in easily 100's, if not 1000's of hours. You have had a laugh, you have killed NPC's. You have seen one of the most amazing open worlds in video game history. The game is gorgeous, the missions are fun, the matchmaking is for the most part seamless. The gun play is fluid, and the build system is complex enough for you to be creative and experiment with different things. You have played for 2 years. You have got your money's worth. You have received your value.

Now YTers are running out of content to post, because there isn't much new to talk about, so instead they complain. They complain, you complain. You complain, they complain. Its a cycle. You play the game, you complain about loot. You complain about the NPC's hitting to hard, yet you still turn the game on and visit this sub. Yes there are bugs, but at this point, you can play the game for hours without having a single issue. Maybe it took a while, but you've had way more fun than has been taken away by bugs. At some point, you have to sit back, turn on the game and just have fun. Enjoy it for what it is. Don't compare it to any other game, because – frankly – there aren't many others that do what this game does. If you want to say "but Destiny", that's fine… but I don't like to play with 14 year olds. Not age shaming, but this is a mature game. I assume those of you who are reading this would also fall into the "mature gamer" category as well.

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Lets stop the complaining. Stop the "the devs don't want us to be powerful", stop the "I'm not strong enough" while you sit in cover with your drone and turret – because trust me, you're strong. Stop the "the leagues suck" because yeah they do… and just get over it. Stop the "all the loot is trash", stop the "The summit doesn't have windows", stop the "there is no build diversity". Enjoy this game for what it is. Enjoy the time you have with it while it still has a player base. Be happy that Cyberpunk fell on its face. Be happy that you can still log on and see friends online. Be happy that LFG still has multiple posts for raids, summit and missions every hour.

If you turn the game on and do nothing but feel sour, then yeah – you need to find something else. If you turn the game on and grunt and scowl at every loot drop, then this is not the game for you anymore. If you turn the game on, go through your builds, and see "hey, i don't have anything else to do, because I've done everything", then well… you might just be done with the game. You might have just squeezed every penny out of this game that you possibly could have, and that is okay.

Keep your head up agents and stay positive. We enough things to be upset about these days. No need to add something so negligible to the list.

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